How AI can help publishers navigate social media algorithms

social media algorithms

Social media platforms have become a huge part of how people all over the world consume news and information. This also means it’s one of the most effective ways to reach audiences and promote your content. However, with algorithms constantly changing on social media platforms, it can be difficult for publishers to keep up. What should be posted, at what time, to your target audience, and on which platform?

This is where social media AI tools help publishers navigate the content distribution algorithms. AI tools can provide valuable insights into how social media algorithms work so that you can optimize your content for maximum reach, views, and engagement. Let’s talk about how AI can help publishers navigate social media algorithms in order to stay on top of best practices and content optimization strategies.

Understanding social media algorithms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use complex algorithms to determine which content the user sees. Understanding how these algorithms work is crucial for publishers to ensure their content reaches the right audience. Social media AI tools like True Anthem’s can help publishers analyze their content on social media platforms and determine what content resonates with their audience. News on social media moves fast, and publishers need to be able to react quickly to breaking news, content, discussions, etc.. Being slow isn’t an option, and an AI platform can help manage all your content.

The importance of organic reach

Paid distribution requires a large budget and can have wildly variable results. Ultimately, it’s only a part of the strategy. Finding ways to reach audiences organically through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is important for businesses and brands of all types. Publishers rely heavily on visibility and brand reputation to attract readers and maintain relevance in a crowded market.

Boosting visibility

For publishers, visibility is everything. Engagement isn’t an option if nobody is seeing your work. Having SEO as part of your content strategy is key to achieving visibility because this is how people will see your content without having to pay to promote or advertise. This can come in the form of shares, likes, comments, or other kinds of engagement with your content. By building an engaged audience that values your work, you can achieve increased visibility that will help you succeed in a competitive publishing landscape.

Building brand reputation

Building your brand’s reputation is one of the most important things to do as a publisher. Unlike paid advertising, ranking high in the search engine through SEO means your content is high-quality, offers value, and engages audiences. As long as you deliver quality content, you can establish your brand as a trustworthy and reliable source of information. Here’s a list of SEO tools publishers can use.

Reduce marketing costs

One of the main benefits of automated AI social media posting is the time it saves your marketing team. Instead of having a person manually post on each social media platform, a social media AI automation tool can automate the entire process. From post selection to scheduling and analysis, True Anthem’s AI-powered platform will handle all your social media content posting.

Our automation tool will help reduce marketing costs by freeing up manpower. Liberate your team from the shackles of all day posting, giving them time to focus on cooler stuff.

What is AI posting

AI posting is the process where social media platforms use AI algorithms to predict user behavior. The tools use past behavior, search history, and content preferences to learn the audience and predict which content will be effective.

Social media platform algorithms change frequently, which makes it challenging to stay on top of things. Enter: AI posting. An important benefit of using an AI posting platform is that it can help publishers find relevant content faster, creating a personalized experience for the user. True Anthem’s tool is continually refining the parameters to have your best-performing posts post at the best-performing times. This can help increase engagement rates, and views, leading to more brand awareness.

The reality is that there are human limitations on analyzing huge amounts of data. Mostly, it makes our eyes glaze over and there is a lot of room for error. This is where True Anthem’s social media publishing tool comes in. Our AI tool identifies patterns, trends, and correlations that will help you make informed decisions about your content creation strategy. By analyzing how your audience is engaging with your content, our tool can help you refine your headlines and post copy to make it more appealing and effective.

Automate your content and save your team so much time—and frustration. Contact us to schedule a demo.

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