Signs it’s time to automate social media posting

Automate Social Media Posting

I get it. Handing off your carefully curated and valuable social media real estate to a robot sounds terrifying. How on earth can a robot do what a human does—and do it well? Have you ever considered, though, that AI is a tool that is as effective as the human controlling it? You can automate social media posting without giving up control.

Anyway, chances are your digital team is tired. Meeting the demands of all the social platforms, creating content, formatting it for every platform, and constantly monitoring posting cadence, engagement, and other analytics is exhausting. Not to mention freaking exhausting.

So what’s a burnt-out social media manager to do?

Let the robot help.

Signs it’s time to automate social media posting can include:

1. Creating content sounds like an actual vacation

If taking photos and videos, writing funny Twitter playing around in CapCut and Canva sounds like heaven on earth, you’ve spent too much time in your scheduling dashboard. Choosing times and clicking buttons gets painful, and flexing your creative muscle can feel like a welcome break.

2. Existential dread sets in when you go to schedule posts

Do you feel like you want to cry every time you log in? Is your mind racing with 47 other things you need to do, but you’re stuck scheduling Instagram and Twitter posts for the weekend?

Life is too short to subject yourself to that monotony.

3. Your engagement is, well, not what it used to be

You’re smart. You pay attention to your analytics like the professional that you are. You’ve created audience profiles and understand the nuances of who you’re talking to. So why are you still shouting into a void?

The truth is, even if you do everything right, there’s no way you can efficiently analyze your social data regularly. Which means you’re making mistakes that are costing you.

Using AI to inform your posting means you’re getting constant analysis of performance. While you’re busy creating content, your AI is giving, tracking trends, and monitoring your KPIs. Win/win.

4. You’re simply adding to your team

The idea behind AI is to train it to do the things your team is already doing. It’s that simple. Can you imagine what you could do with all the extra time? How much innovation, creation, and selling could take place?

At True Anthem, we can do a deep dive into your content, find out what’s working, and help get you on track. Set up a demo today.

The most monotonous thing your team does is plug posts into social media slots. Free them up to avoid burnout, and see what cool things you can do.

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