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Winner – DigiDay Signal Awards: Best Social Media Marketing Platform

Make data-driven decisions

Use data to remove subjectivity from your social posting. True Anthem scores content in real time and predicts social media success so that the right content is posted at the right time.

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Drive more social traffic with each post

Discover some of your best content hidden within your archives. True Anthem searches your entire digital archive to find relevant content that will still perform well today.

Spend less time scheduling posts

Focus on engaging your audience and creating new content instead of repetitive tasks. True Anthem schedules and shares your content automatically, even when you’re not at work.

Uphold your editorial rules and publishing standards

Automatically publish posts to social media that look as if your editorial team crafted them. True Anthem customizes its platform to accommodate your editorial rules and publishing standards.

Get more social reach, engagement, and traffic

When your best people focus on work only they can do, and True Anthem automates and optimizes the rest – you reach more people with content that inspires them to share your content and subscribe.

With this kind of scale and global presence… it is really challenging for the whole newsroom and social operations to take advantage of and circulate this constant stream of content.

Pierpaolo Maniglio
Global Lead of Social Media Marketing, Thomson Reuters