Choosing the best social content for news publishers

Social Media for News Publishers

News publishers create a lot of content, and they have to do it quickly. Teams often generate more content than should be posted to social daily. Social editors have to answer an important question: Which articles should be published on social media?

Staying on top of newly produced content and scheduling to social throughout the day is time-consuming and requires constant monitoring. Analytics tools, social listening tools, and institutional knowledge can help teams make this decision. Ultimately, though, it is a subjective process that involves a lot of time and testing.

Enter True Anthem. We have created a solution specifically designed for the social media needs of all digital and news publishers. Our solution can predict content performance across social media and streamline content posting.

How does it work for news publishing?

In short, True Anthem removes a lot of routine tasks from your team’s workflow and takes the guesswork out of content selection.

Our data-driven approach to content selection adds a layer of objectivity to social posting that can. We measure traffic in real-time to get a complete view of performance for each article, which helps us decide what should make it social.

We also look at the article’s content, which can help predict performance. A look at the keywords from each piece allows us to compare it to trending content and previous high performers. This can benefit news publishers to prioritize content decisions with confidence.

We use performance data and content analysis to generate predictive scores for social content performance. We use these scores to select content for recirculation.

What if there are multiple social platforms?

One of the best benefits of True Anthem’s tool is the ability to help publishers post across multiple platforms in the same space, and without copying and pasting identical posts.

Each social platform has a different algorithm that pushes certain types of content to perform better than others. For instance, a video that goes viral on Facebook may not have the same reach on Instagram. An inspirational piece perfect for Instagram could fall flat on LinkedIn. True Anthem allows publishers to take content and customize it for each platform to maximize its success with your audience in each space.

These are few examples of popular types of content to help optimize your social accounts with True Anthem:

  • Facebook: short form videos, curated content, live videos
  • Instagram: high quality photos, inspirational stories, quotes
  • Twitter: blog posts, GIFs, news stories
  • Pinterest: How To guides, blog posts, infographics
  • LinkedIn: professional posts, company news, employee and employment content

Want to know more about optimizing your social media with AI? We’ve written a great guide publishers can use to navigate social media algorithms with success.

Does all of this make my life easier?

Yes. If you’re like us, you believe your team should spend their time doing things that only humans can do, like creating compelling content.

We use all of the data collected to create sophisticated social publishing rules. This lets us automate your posts well. You maintain control, but ultimately, we take publishing off your place and create a machine that can push out your content effectively.

If you’re interested in understanding how to make your news publishing life more manageable, set up a demo today. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date news and tips on social media.

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