A Social Media Solution
Designed for Publishers
The True Anthem Platform
Index & Predict
True Anthem indexes, scores, and predicts the social relevance of all website content.
Intelligently Post
Your best content is automatically posted at the right time, to the right audience, and in your brand tone and voice based on mapping to your metadata.
Editorial Control
Set up rules that align with your editorial policies to manage automated posting.
Social Publishing Features
Content Scoring & Predictive Analytics
Index all of your new and historical content by inserting a javascript tag. Each post is scored based on social sharing activity and the amount of website traffic it generates. Combined with predictive analytics, this data identifies the content that will perform best across Facebook and Twitter.
Data-Driven Post Selection
Automatically schedule your posts based on scores and predicted chance of success. You save time by scheduling fewer posts while improving the chances of posting engaging content.
Custom Post Schedules
Define the days and times that you need help posting to social media and let True Anthem be your trusted backup. You get your nights and weekends back knowing that you’re automatically posting great content all of the time.
Intelligent Recirculation
Maximize engagement by automatically detecting and recirculating your top trending and evergreen content. When you repost your timely and timeless content, you can reach different time zones and new followers, driving even more traffic to your website.
Evergreen Content Detection
Discover the valuable content hidden within your archives that is still relevant today. By identifying content that is still relevant well beyond its publish date, you extend the lifespan of the high-performing content you spent so much time creating.
Audience Targeting
Match your posts with the people who will care about them most. Segment your content and target audiences to improve the relevancy of each post. The results include higher click through rates, social shares, and website traffic.
Performance Reporting & Analytics
Gain actionable insights about your social performance trends. Measure your key metrics including posting frequency, engagement and lift in social traffic. You have the data to optimize your social strategy.
A Tailored Experience
True Anthem works with your team to configure and customize your platform and algorithms so that you don’t need to change the way you work. Your editorial rules are followed and high standards maintained. You just get more time to do the work only talented people can do.
Find out how a data-driven approach to social publishing can help your content reach more people.