Reduce business costs through automation and smart social media strategies

Reduce business costs through automation

While a presence on social media is a MUST for modern businesses, posting content can be a real pain. Creating and scheduling posts daily at the best time possible for your niche and audience is difficult. It takes time, commitment, and research to ensure you’re hitting the prime spots, not to mention the expense of paying someone to do it. These struggles are why many publishers aim to reduce business costs through automation strategies in their content process, minimizing the time and expense of online promotion. 

One such solution is True Anthem, which uses advanced AI to help publishers grow traffic and automate social media workflows. You can use AI solutions like True Anthem to create, share, curate, and optimize your content across multiple platforms. Here are just a few of the ways publishers are making it happen. 

Enhance and scale your team’s output

Small teams don’t always have the funds and resources to dedicate an employee or group to manage content full-time. But right now, content management IS a full-time job.  

AI solutions like True Anthem are great for helping publishers reduce business costs through automation, streamlining workflows from content selection to optimal posting times. You can even personalize each post to match the style of your business or post the best items for your particular audience without hiring someone to analyze all this information. This is a game changer for your social media strategy, especially if you operate on a tight budget or with only a few people.

Figure out what your gaps are and fill them

Your company may already have a group that handles content creation and managing your social media strategy. AI solutions can be used to fill gaps or supplement employees to help them save time and resources. Filling the gaps is especially helpful for companies offering 24/7 services and coverage who may need more staff. 

Keep your referral traffic up

Social media algorithms are constantly changing. It’s hard to stay on top of each one, and even when you think you’ve got it, the algorithm adjusts again. AI can help you track these trick algorithms and react quickly when sensing a change. This process can also more accurately track referral activity from your content, saving you money and time and increasing your website traffic and ad revenue. 

Make your content last longer

When you spend time making quality content, you want to ensure you get the most out of it. Especially if you are delving into the world of Reels (which can take some time and investment), the last thing you want to do is have your content short-lived. 

AI solutions can help publishers extract the maximum value from their content, extend reach, and promote engagement. Automating posting in your social media strategy helps reuse content appropriately on multiple platforms and reduces the stored content needed to fill your weekly schedule. 

Eliminate the guesswork and look at the numbers

We always say it, and it’s true–you need to see what works. However, finding the right style, posting pattern, and type of content your audience is attracted to takes time and money. With AI solutions, publishers can reduce the task of experimenting and get right to understanding what works. 

AI can not only suggest topics and styles for content based on the current algorithm but also analyze the efficacy of your posts, making detailed suggestions such as different fonts, layouts, times, and more. 

AI assistance is available for your social media strategy

Even if you’re not quite ready to make the AI leap, publishers should explore the potential of AI in their social media strategy to reduce business costs through automation. These resources will only improve with time, and it’s worth saving money in an area most businesses already find tedious. 

Publishers seeking to optimize their social media strategies and reduce business costs through automation should consider True Anthem’s AI-driven solution. By enhancing team output, filling gaps, maintaining referral traffic, extending content lifespan, and eliminating the need for guessing and experimenting, True Anthem helps businesses thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. Schedule a demo of True Anthem today and experience firsthand the advantages of a cutting-edge AI solution tailored to your unique social media and editorial needs.

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