The impact of AI in social media

AI in social media

Social media marketing is a bit of a moving target. When you think you have everything figured out, there’s a new platform or an algorithm change, or something else that derails you entirely. The best social media marketers are the ones who know how to adapt quickly and cut their losses. Additionally, using AI in social media marketing can help this process.

Social Posting with AI

Simply put, social posting is the most advanced part of the AI equation, and it’s the easiest part to replace with automation. Social marketers tend to get hung up on losing the personal touch on their social accounts. The idea of a robot connecting with its audiences is scary for a lot of publishers, and they see a ton of opportunity for error. For instance, how can you catch formatting errors and incorrect tone?

Maybe some clarification can help:

The logistics

In short, your AI social media posts are as good as your setup in your CMS. CMS post-setup means that you can effectively create your entire post without ever logging into a social platform. All you need to do is develop meta fields and fill them out correctly. And yes, you can create meta-fields for Twitter copy, Facebook copy, Instagram captions, for instance. You can even add your hashtags and page tags!

Now that your post is set up, the AI software can pull the content and schedule it in the slots you create. It will prioritize content based on a set of factors and available data, and you can approve or deny each post. If it works, lock it in! In the event that it doesn’t, bump it and let the software find something new.

The benefits

The work you’re handing over to the machines is the grunt work. You’re taking back time to worry about the (vastly more important) content creation. Consequently, if your team is creating the posts and setting them up well, there are zero risks.

AI scheduling means that all the time you spend selecting posts, putting them in an appropriate order, and scheduling them across platforms can be handled by software quickly.

In addition to freeing up your time, good AI scheduling software like True Anthem can account for factors like trending topics, web traffic, and more when scheduling, resulting in perfectly placed content at the perfect time. These things are a social marketer’s “holy grail.” 

Using data to achieve your goal is an advantage, not a risk.

Social Listening

Social listening is an integral part of existing in the social space. If you shout into the void without hearing what your audience is saying, you will not be successful. 

An essential part of AI in social media marketing is gathering data, analyzing sentiment, and understanding your audience and competitors. By setting up social listening tools, you can track hashtags, brand mentions, competitor mentions, product mentions, and just about anything you want.

Collecting all of the data and understanding the next steps is social monitoring. You are essentially hearing what people have to say about the content and digital experience you are creating. Understanding how they feel about it is social listening. Next, analyze the online mood – or social media sentiment – around engagement. Listening provides you with an opportunity to address concerns, encourage good conversations, and create opportunities for positive engagement around your brand.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, here are some tools that can help.

AI Content Optimization

AI can be game-changing in optimizing your content across social. There is software that can help with almost every aspect of social marketing.

To sum it up, don’t overlook the productivity benefits of getting an extra hand. Your team is likely hustling year-round, which means taking the time to put all of that creative energy into a high-value objective is essential. Always make sure you’re always sending out your best work and leveraging your resources wisely!

Schedule a demo to learn how our AI social media automation tool can free up time for your team.

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