TikTok gets a retweet button, what Instagram is up to in 2022, and a look at Meta’s 2021

TikTok's retweet button

1. TikTok gets a retweet button

Of course, it isn’t an ACTUAL retweet button. However, TikTok is currently testing the ability of users to share content to the FYP of their followers, without using the duet or stitch features. It will not show up on the user’s profile. Here’s some more info:

For example, if you find a video through the Discover page or in your TikTok inbox from a friend’s share, you won’t see the Repost button there. It only appears on videos you come across when you’re browsing your own For You feed on the app, we’ve confirmed. In other words, it’s a way to boost the visibility of video you’ve already been recommended algorithmically and now want more people to see.

However, it stops short of requiring users to create their own video to make that happen — by either stitching or dueting with the original content, which is how users re-share others’ videos today. This provides a low-friction way for users to engage with TikTok videos and re-share them and could encourage more passive users to participate on the platform.


2. Meta talks about the changes to News Feed in 2021

Here’s a roundup, directly from the team.

February: new tests to reduce political content in News Feed in response to direct feedback. 

March: the launch of Choose Who Can Comment, Favorites, the Feed Filter Bar, and an expansion of Why Am I Seeing This to suggested posts to provide people more context and control over the content they see and share in News Feed

April: new tests to incorporate more direct feedback from people who use Facebook about the content they want to see more or less in their News Feed

May: new options for where and how people can choose to see reaction counts on Facebook and Instagram

August: our first-ever Widely Viewed Content Report to share what content is seen by the most people in News Feed in the US

September: our Content Distribution Guidelines that list content and behaviors that receive reduced distribution in News Feed because they are problematic or otherwise low quality 

November: our second Widely Viewed Content Report and new ways to make News Feed controls easier to find and use for people and advertisers

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3. Twitter adds a “Topics” bar to highlight conversations

Twitter is testing out a new bar above the main feed that links to active conversations, which would presumably be relevant to you based on your feed and follows.

Screen shot from Matt Navarra.

4. TikTok Delivery?

That’s right. Delivery of their top recipes, straight to your house. From Bloomberg:

The TikTok Kitchen menu will be based on the app’s most viral food trends, including baked feta pasta, which was ranked the most-searched dish of 2021 by Google.

Also planned for the opening menu are pasta chips—cooked pasta shapes that are cheese coated and air-fried—as well as a smash burger and corn ribs made from peeling off sections of corn and coating them with spices and Parmesan. Earl says prices will be “comparable to other Virtual Dining Concept brands.” A MrBeast burger starts at $6.99.

5. Instagram’s 2022 from Adam Mosseri

Here are the highlights:

  • Doubling down on video. It is the way things are done and they no longer consider themselves a photo sharing app.
  • Focusing on messaging capabilities.

To watch the Reel, click here.

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