Why is social publishing important?

Is Social Publishing Important

Over 4.2 billion people worldwide use social media, and the number continues to rise. If you’re keeping track, that’s nearly 60% of the planet. The ability to reach billions of people has left print and traditional publishing channels behind. Now, publishers have to produce a constant stream of new content at record speeds. Social publishing has become necessary for organizations and businesses that want to compete in the marketplace, but it’s particularly urgent for content creators and publishers.

Social publishers can create and distribute content faster than any other medium, including radio and television. The responsibility of getting the news to an audience first is a big one, and publishers must be up to the task.

Reach new audiences at a fraction of the cost

Social publishing allows the public to engage and communicate with your content and each other in real-time.

One piece of content can potentially reach millions of viewers without spending a dime on distribution and advertising. Viral content can undoubtedly boost your brand’s visibility and opportunities.

However, you have a direct line to your audience even without viral content. You can get feedback, distribute across multiple platforms, and reach people looking for your content. If done well, you will reach the right people for your content at the right time.

Hashtagsinfluencer marketing, and other partnerships can help you reach meaningful audiences.

One way to effectively manage this task is by employing advanced AI tools like True Anthem. It optimizes the distribution of your content, ensuring your posts have the maximum possible reach at optimal times. This approach maximizes your visibility without spending extra on distribution and advertising.

Get to cater your content to different audiences

Traditional marketing and publishing methods produced a fraction of the content now published in a single day. The reduced friction between writing and publishing is a massive advantage for organizations that efficiently create, re-purpose and reuse content across numerous platforms.

Each platform is different, and content must be catered natively to these audiences. In simple terms, Facebook readers don’t like to receive their content the same way that Instagram users do. The same applies to Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and users on every other platform. Social publishing allows you to cater your content to different audiences and types of people in the format and platform they prefer.

This can sound overwhelming, but social publishing tools like those offered at True Anthem can help publishers effectively distribute content organically across platforms to maximize content, staff, and budget. A data-informed approach helps to craft platform-appropriate posts across various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Receive real-time feedback and insights

With today’s constantly changing trends, connecting with readers instantly is an incredible benefit of social publishing. Not only can you engage, but you can gain insight into your audience’s interests and passions.

User comments and reactions (“likes” and “hearts”) allow you to see what content performs best with your audiences and platforms. The content that gets the most engagement on Facebook may not be the same as on Instagram. However, receiving real-time feedback allows you to adjust and cater your content to your audiences. 

Tools that can help you quickly see what works and doesn’t will save you from wasting resources on content your audience doesn’t want. Where else can you get this type of instant market feedback on your product? 

Knowing what your audiences want, how they want it, where they want it, and how often they want it allows you to expedite content production while keeping your audiences at peak engagement.

Plan your content ahead

Don’t want to post on social media every day? You don’t have to. Social media provides publishers with the ability to plan. You can integrate many apps and programs within your strategy to help you plan content weeks ahead and post on multiple platforms with preset dates and times.

Most programs will also help you create a social media calendar. This tool will help you lay out your copy, designs, images, and video all in one place to keep your content fresh and engaging to your audience.

So, why is social publishing important? 

It has never been easier, faster, and more affordable to reach large audiences with content that can be catered to their preferences while getting nearly instant feedback on what to do next. Social publishing and social media marketing are not new and shiny anymore—this is just a part of how things are done now. 

Social publishing is essential, and it’s here to stay. 

Having a robust and effective social publishing strategy is vital. With a tool like True Anthem, you gain a reliable partner with an intelligent AI-driven approach. Remember, the goal isn’t just to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving world of social publishing—it’s to lead the way. Also, be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to get all your social media news!

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