Can social media campaigns be easily automated?

Social Media Automation Strategy

Having a social media automation strategy is not a new concept. Running your social campaigns without hassle and expensive staffing is the holy grail of social publishing. But a lot of us are hesitant, and for a good reason. What about errors? What about sounding like a robot and losing engagement?

Social media automation is a time management tool allowing people to plan their posts. It’s as simple as that. Most managers would agree that there are much better ways to spend man hours, and the tedious task of scheduling social posts is an easy handoff.

For example, did you know you can automate more than just posting? Content curation, analytics, reporting, and more can all be automated with AI. Does this mean that your staff no longer has control? Emphatically no! It just means that the nitty gritty data analysis is done faster than a human could ever, and we are presented with data to make decisions quickly.

Ultimately, social media campaign automation is not as risky as people think. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how to set it up:

Take a hard look at your CMS and metadata

Metadata is an essential part of setting up social media campaign automation. You’re going to want to include the following meta fields:

  • Social media headline
  • Social copy
  • Image override field so you can format the featured image for each platform’s aspect ratios
  • Tag/category fields, along with a defined usage approach
  • SEO headline
  • SEO meta description

There are likely some things that need to be added to this list, depending on your needs. However, the point is that once these fields exist in your CMS, they are there for an automated social media scheduler to pull.

True Anthem can help you define which fields you need to automate well and work with your team to build them.

Define your schedule

Getting things up at the right time is critical to the content distribution process. Here are some things to consider:

  • Trending topics. Do you have content that could add to an existing conversation?
  • When is your audience online?
  • How much content do you produce daily?
  • How deep is your evergreen catalog?

These are just part of the picture. You will want to treat each platform differently regarding the frequency of posts and type of content. True Anthem can help you dive into your content, look at your production, and find your posting rhythm.

Shore up your evergreen content

Creating a usable well of evergreen content is valuable for running a social media operation. You can look here and here to dive deeper into this area.

If you’re creating a campaign around a specific holiday, season, or event, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your content is appropriately tagged in your CMS. This should be easy if you’ve done the work during the creation process! Add holidays, names, seasons, events, etc., to your tagging process, and you’ll be able to pull things quickly when needed.

Set up your social media campaign automation

Your social media campaign automation will be a breeze if you’ve done the setup work. AI posting software can use the slots you defined when you set up your schedule to pull tagged/categorized content at the appropriate times.

For example, you decide you want a piece of Olympic history content to run every night during the Olympics. In that case, you can define a nightly time slot and allow the automation to pull content based on web traffic, social trends, your available content options, etc. 

Brilliant, right?

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