How often you should post on different platforms

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How much content should go out across your social media platforms? This question is a tricky conversation for every publisher. Trying to balance the amount of content you have against the amount of content you need and formatting it for every platform can be overwhelming. There is a different set of rules for every platform, and you need to make sure you’re finding the right groove for each one. Did you know that our AI social media publishing platform can seamlessly post your most popular content, so you don’t have to stress about figuring out what to post. 

Here’s a rundown of what posting cadence could look be.


Seriously, go for it. Don’t push out the same thing over and over, but the exact link with different copy? Sure! Twitter is like a river. People that are on see content flowing by. If they aren’t on, they’ll likely miss it. So post again! There’s nothing wrong with posting a lot of content on Twitter. Balancing it with replies and conversations is an excellent way to approach Twitter to avoid drowning your audience in a firehose of information without any feedback.


There is an interesting balance to be had on Facebook, and it is worth noting that the rules are different for publishers. An average business page should post a maximum of 1-2 times per day and a minimum of 3 times per week.

For publishers, posting cadence can look very different, and it involves some work. If you want a deeper look at analyzing your posting cadence, read this article we put together to help publisher figure out their Facebook rhythm. To recap, weigh your content creation against your social posting. Look at your evergreen content and how to use it to drive more traffic. These are all great ways to start taking inventory of your production capacity, your existing content, and your posting process.


5-7 a week is a solid cadence for Feed posts. Make them strong, hashtag well, and time them for when your audience is online. Stories, however, are a different beast. You can post a lot more frequently. Use a variety of video, text, and image posts as applicable. 

Facebook is a great space to connect with your audience, so don’t ignore it!


TikTok is a slightly higher touch. More work goes into creating every post, so you’re going to have to assess your capabilities honestly. The recommended cadence is 1-3 times a day for brands. If you are crossing over and posting TikToks to Reels on Instagram, this could be a viable workload for you.

These are simply guidelines.

Whatever you end up producing, know that these are just guidelines. Social media is a constantly moving target, and all content + distribution strategies should be testing, refining, and tailoring to your specific audience endlessly. Especially regarding Facebook, you should be watching your Page Reach, Post Reach, link clicks, and click-through-rate closely. 

Let your data guide you to the right cadence for your content and audience. Contact us to learn how our AI social media publishing platform can help your company

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