The future of AI in social media marketing: Trends and predictions

ai in social media

Publishers in 2023 are witnessing AI-powered tools take over social media firsthand. It’s undeniably changed the way we think about posting and interacting online. As scary as this sounds, the evolution of AI in social media has a lot of benefits for publishers, especially when it comes to attracting and engaging their audience.

AI technology has made it possible to have a more personal experience online. It’s impacted everything from enhancing user support to improving analytics to helping brands generate curated content for their readers. As AI continues to reshape the online landscape, publishers need to find where this new technology can benefit their online strategies. 

In this article, we’ll dive a little deeper into the current trends and predictions of AI in social media and how publishers can use these to their advantage.

We get it–AI is an overwhelming trend in itself. It’s hard to believe that we allow computers to tell us about our target audience, how to interact with them, and what to say. But in all honestly, these are all things that publishers are capable of doing on their own. It just takes way more time than most have to keep up successfully. 

Below are some of the trends AI has had the most impact on in social media and the benefits you can (or already) experience because of it. 

Chatbots and user support

Chatbots have become common in helping businesses provide instant customer service for their users. These are all run by AI programs; you can find them across social media in swarms. Over the years, chatbots have become pretty sophisticated. AI has made it possible for bots to operate on a more conversational level. They can interpret user intent, upsell products, answer complex questions, or even provide personal recommendations.

Chatbot capabilities stem from AI’s advanced ability to analyze a bulk of information about each user almost instantly. AI-powered chatbots look at browsing behavior, purchase history, previous account interactions, and more to provide precise solutions to each person. It’s made AI in social media a huge draw for creating a solid revenue stream, putting precisely what a user is looking for right in front of their eyes. 

Some platforms, such as Facebook, ask consumers directly, “Would you like to see more ads like this?” when they see that you’ve clicked a link. Personally, as a consumer, it’s been a game changer for online shopping, bringing the online options to me instead of searching them out.

Advanced sentiment analytics 

Measuring sentiment was tough before AI. Studying your audience to find out what content meant the most to them took a lot of time and research. Sometimes, you just had to guess. 

Now, AI takes all the guesswork out of determining what content your audience will love the most. AI-driven sentiment analysis will go behind the scenes and determine how your audience would actually feel about a post or product. It determines this based on their history, online activity, search behaviors, and observing which content they are engaging with the most.

Social listening

AI in social media allows publishers to monitor online conversations about their brand, aka social listening. Programs can monitor when a brand is mentioned and determine if the feedback is positive or negative. This helps publishers troubleshoot their products and services before anything escalates. Users may guide design, distribution, quality, topics, or a brand’s overall POV, all in a comment section that you may overlook without AI constancy looking for it.

Social listening is also an excellent tool for publishers looking for emerging trends. If readers are talking about something new in the industry, AI technology will be able to spot it quickly so you can stay relevant in the online space. 

Enhanced reader experience and personalization 

Social media is more user-friendly than ever, and you can thank AI technology for that. No longer are the days when users are bogged down by content that doesn’t interest them. AI-driven recommendations track what readers spend the most time on to help them discover a wide range of accounts and experiences they are more likely to enjoy. 

Targeted Marketing and advertising

Have you ever searched for one product and saw ads or promotions for similar ones? That’s AI working its magic.

By narrowing down the scope to specific demographics, AI tools are helping brands find their audience more efficiently. You can tailor your advertising and marketing efforts specifically to users most likely to engage. Also, publishers can create more personalized offers and deals for their current audiences to maintain loyalty. Predictions show this trend won’t change any time soon and will only get more efficient as technology improves. 

Automated marketing materials and scheduling 

Using AI-powered tools to automate your scheduling efforts is probably one of the most beneficial trends for publishers. There are a lot of different mediums you have to stay present on to get noticed online: your website, social media pages, e-newsletters, etc. Each takes time to create marketing materials and requires a scheduling method. It’s a lot. 

AI now allows publishers to create a bulk of marketing materials with the same style and POV for different spaces simultaneously. Plus, tools like True Anthem’s multi-platform social media management tool allow teams to schedule content weeks and months ahead! It saves time and creates a pattern of consistency that all platforms desire.

We talk more about how AI in social media marketing can be useful in this article.

Generated content ideas 

This is where some publishers start to pump the brakes a bit. AI has been very controversial in the creative world for stepping on the toes of artists and creators. AI-powered programs can generate articles, posts, images, videos, and anything you are looking to post on your social accounts. But should they?

Here’s the thing: just because the program can design it does not mean you have to use it. These features can be used for ideas only if that’s what you’re looking for. Programs will spit out tailored content that would be perfect for your audience. You decide what you want to use, change, spin, etc. 

For instance, True Anthem’s AI tool allows publishers to maintain 100% creative control. You can customize images, copy, headlines, post order, or delete everything that was suggested. It’s your choice. Use our suggestions, and make it your own. Do what feels right for your business creatively. The point is the option is there, which can be helpful when you’re stuck in a rut or need to save time.

Future predictions of AI in social media 

Even though we will likely see more integration between AI and social media, predictions are leaning toward focusing more on maintaining authentic human interactions. Brands are seeking a deeper connection with their users they can only obtain through targeting the right audience. The more advanced AI tools become the more possibilities for personal experiences between brands and their followers. 

True Anthem’s AI social media tool 

True Anthem’s AI-powered social media management tool hits many of these trends right on the nose. We help you understand your audience, stay consistent, be creative, and all with the goal of building organic and long-term engagement. 

Give our tool a try to see how automation can help your brand break through the barrier of social media. 

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