How to set up a LinkedIn Business page

how to set up a LinkedIn business page

Your LinkedIn Business page is not just another profile on social media. Over the years, LinkedIn has become an essential marketing tool for professionals and brands across all industries for its potential to increase leads and engagement to your website–for free! The steps to set up a LinkedIn Business page are pretty simple, but you need to implement a few other tricks to capitalize on all the benefits the platform offers.

Let’s review some of the popular reasons why publishers are joining the LinkedIn space and some best practices for setting up an optimized business page for successful results. 

Benefits of LinkedIn for businesses

LinkedIn is a perfect platform for businesses to network, build brand awareness and strengthen professional relationships with consumers. The platform promotes industry-specific discussions and content with customers and other brands in your niche. Networking on LinkedIn can also help you build your email lists for more successful marketing opportunities. 

For publishers specifically, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for publishing news, as many American adults use social media as a primary news source. Plus, LinkedIn’s focus on business and brand growth means companies are always tuning in to current events that could affect their industries. 

Best practices for LinkedIn Business accounts

Think of your LinkedIn business page as more like a free marketing tool to drive more traffic. The more you optimize it, the better your chances of increasing activity toward your website. 

Some of the best practices for LinkedIn business pages to keep in mind for optimizing for reach and engagement include: 

  • Adding a logo: Use a clear image of your logo on your page so users can quickly identify your brand. 
  • Complete your page: Don’t leave any blank boxes or spaces. Use all the free space you have!
  • Catching overview: Use relevant terms and phrases when creating the overview of your business page. Describe your purpose and mission using keywords for optimization. 
  • Business info: Make sure to include a working link to your website, your location, and the industry that bests fits. It’s great to have the range of employees listed for company size, as the platform will show any employees who have linked their profiles to your page. 
  • Call to action: Create a call to action for your page that aligns with your goal on social media. This could be a website visit, email subscription, purchase, appointment, or other. 

How to set up a LinkedIn Business account

Now, let’s get down to exactly how you can create your LinkedIn Business page to tap into all these benefits:

Steps to create a LinkedIn Business page: 

  1. Start by visiting the Create a LinkedIn Page. You can also find this option by clicking the business waffle on the top right, scrolling down to Create Company Page.
  2. Enter all your business information in the blank fields and a company logo. 
  3. Check the verification box to authorize the platform to confirm your acknowledgment of the platform guidelines and rules. 
  4. Publish your page by clicking Create page.
  5. Once your page is complete, you can continue to customize and optimize your page to boost traffic and engagement. 

Learn more about LinkedIn for publishers

Want some more tips for optimizing your account on LinkedIn? True Anthem has some more tips on how and why to use LinkedIn for publishers and some nice specific best practices for LinkedIn posts.

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