How To Increase LinkedIn Views to Your Business Page

LinkedIn business page best practices

We’ve already covered the benefits and steps to putting together your LinkedIn Business page. But what do you do once it’s up and going? Your LinkedIn Business page is a vital resource only if you can get your audience to visit it. With 48.5% of social media users visiting LinkedIn at least once a day, there’s an excellent potential for finding your audience if you can catch their attention. 

Thankfully, many built-in features on LinkedIn can help you drive more traffic to this space. With social media AI tools from True Anthem to help manage this content, you can consistently implement LinkedIn strategies for further growth and success. Let’s take a look. 

Increasing LinkedIn views to your business page

Use LinkedIn-specific hashtags 

Hashtags are essential to connecting with people on LinkedIn. They provide a direct path for your audience to find your content and page. But you have to use the correct ones to pave the way. 

Best practices suggest capitalizing each word in LinkedIn hashtags for easier recognition and placing them at the end of your posts. Use a mix of niche and trending hashtags to bring in multiple demographics. To help find these, LinkedIn has a great search tab that brings up the most popular hashtags and related ones that are less popular but more on target. 

You may be familiar with using hashtags on other platforms, but not all hashtags cross over to LinkedIn. Always check before repurposing any content to ensure you have the appropriate hashtags for the platform. 

Focus on post length and quality 

LinkedIn has no character limit on posting like X/Twitter, but that’s not a liberty to go word crazy. Most users on this platform are busy businesses, employers, and professionals. While they’ll tolerate more wordy posts than users on other platforms, too much can leave them scrolling by. 

The ideal post length for LinkedIn is around 100 characters. Posts over 140 will be cut off and require users to click “see more,” which they may not have time to do. If you do hit this limit, make sure everything you need to say is in the first 100 characters to catch your reader. 

Format video and images correctly 

Just like hashtags on LinkedIn cannot be promoted identically across platforms, videos and images must be formatted specifically for LinkedIn to gain the views you desire. Best practices for LinkedIn videos include making them relatable, authentic, and memorable, in addition to following format posting guidelines for the platform. 

Images on LinkedIn, similar to most platforms, should be high-quality in both context and formatting. LinkedIn Help suggests using images at a 1.9:1 ratio (1200 x 627 pixels) and without being more than 200 pixels. Images without text will remain enlarged to fit the feed, while images with text and less than 200 pixels will appear as a thumbnail and could miss out on views. 

Feeling overwhelmed about different platform guidelines? Check out our guide for multi-platform social media posting to see how True Anthem can help you manage all your accounts. 

Use built In LinkedIn Features 

Each platform prioritizes using its unique features, and LinkedIn is no different. Here are a few to features that can help you stay relevant and up your views: 

  • Events and Lives: You can create meetups, workshops, seminars, webinars, and more with LinkedIn events to lead others to your page. Your event will appear on the events page of other users with similar interests, driving more traffic to your page. Live streaming can have a similar effect, leading users to your page directly through the platform. This is a great way to engage users in real time and allow them to see your authenticity. It also shows the LinkedIn algorithm you support their features! 
  • Personal Profile: Strategically completing your profile is more important than you think. Don’t leave any blanks. Optimize your profile by providing up-to-date information keeping sections brief with only the most pertinent information.
  • Invites: Don’t overestimate the power of sending an invite to follow. Page admins and employees can help businesses grow their accounts by inviting their personal connections to the company page. 
  • Industry-Specific Content: LinkedIn produces some of the best organic content among all other platforms because of its industry-specific networking. This platform is an excellent space to share existing content from other platforms and your website, increasing your page views from external sources. 
  • Newsletters: This is an excellent feature to help you connect with a dedicated audience. Your loyal followers can subscribe and receive updates when you publish, but anyone can find, read, and share your newsletter!
  • Employee Notifications: At least 30% of a company’s engagement is driven by employees. LinkedIn’s ability to connect to employees and notify them of new posts helps boost shares and page views. 

Stay consistent with True Anthem

To establish a consistent flow of new LinkedIn views, you must remain consistent with your social media strategy. True Anthem’s advanced AI tool can help businesses post curated content when their audience is most active for elevated engagement. 

Our tool helps determine the optimal posting time on each platform and who your content resonates with the most. With the ability to schedule posts for weeks and months ahead, your content will provide the consistency LinkedIn is looking for to be relevant for more page views. Request a True Anthem demo to see how it works!

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