How Intelligent Automation for your social media can save you hundreds of hours

Intelligent Automation for Social Media

In a recent piece published by Forbes, tech journalist Mihir Shukla pointed out Intelligent Automation for social media as the Next Big Game Changer for virtual or remote offices. Why? Because if used correctly, it can free up “approximately 30% of a team’s time.”

Over the last two years, many traditional offices had to adapt quickly to decentralized processes. In most cases, social media managers were already there, set up to work from home indefinitely. With Upper Management finally eager to embrace change, the post-pandemic years offer a unique opportunity to discard most of the “productivity zappers” that get in the way of a team’s creative time.

Discovering the Potential of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business process management (BPM). This uses robotic process automation (RPA) to implement the decisions taken by AI in the most efficient way possible.

Artificial Intelligence technology has advanced exponentially over the past decade. We have finally reached the stage where machine algorithms can learn and correct themselves continuously based on unstructured “human” data.

Then, predictions are made from the information – for example, to determine the future workflows needed for each task. The AI will adapt its workflow when the company needs to perform a new job or launch a new method.

Finally, robotic process automation carries out much of this workflow behind the scenes, using bots (software robots).

AI once promised a seamless way to make instant decisions from mountains of data. Intelligent Automation is this promise turned into action, placed in the service of your social media admins.

What Can Intelligent Automation for Social Media Do For You?

According to Shukla, Intelligent Automation goes beyond digitization and offers an “automation revolution.” Here are four tasks that your team won’t have to do manually anymore:

1.      Implement new strategies based on data gathering exercises

In social media, AI algorithms constantly gather data on their users and how they behave. This data is a gold mine for publishers wishing to maximize their engagement and clicks.

However, little use will come from this data unless you tweak your posts and strategies around it. IA does precisely that. For example, it can automatically tweak a news site posting schedule when it determines that readers expect an update on a developing story.

2.      Automate repetitive tasks

When a team tries to coordinate dozens of posts per hour, even a “live” tool such as Trello or Slack can become disruptive. At these speeds, small mistakes abound when crossposting information or balancing reshares of old content with brand new pieces.

An AI-powered social media scheduler (such as True Anthem) can automatically generate and change these schedules. With little human supervision, it will determine when and what to share based on people’s interactions across each account.

3.      Tweak your voice across social media platforms

Manually converting new content to fit Instagram’s visual appeal or Twitter’s directness is tedious. Hashtags and trends across channels often don’t match, and each platform fosters a different type of interaction.

IA can learn what maximizes user engagement on each site and tweak posts and descriptions accordingly.

4.      Measure brand impact across separate channels

A combination of IA and AI can perform “social listening” tasks in the background. This includes detecting potential new trends before they are burnt out or the new influencers rising to fame in a specific niche.

IA can also measure a brand’s impact or the true reach of a new campaign using image recognition and logo recognition.

Intelligent Automation can help a company remain adaptable without sacrificing productivity. Cutting down on time devoted to tedious or mechanical tasks can help you manage a more significant following with fewer specialists.

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