8 Steps for Streamlining Content Distribution

Streamlining Content Distribution

Social media publishing is no joke. Everything is fast, the demands are unending, and it can be completely chaotic if you don’t take some steps to develop a process. Streamlining content distribution is essential if you want to maintain your growth and your sanity.

At True Anthem, we work with a lot of teams. We see mistakes, and we see burnout. Here are some ways to help you move forward and keep your team healthy and productive.

1. Create

Successful content distribution starts with excellent content. The editorial calendar and voice are important. However, there’s more to it than that. Consistency, quality, and relevance are all required for success, no matter where you create.

2. Designate

Each platform and each audience requires tailored content. Make sure that you are creating appropriate content for each space. In addition to making sure your character counts, hashtags, and aspect ratios are correct, you need to make sure the voice matches the platform. Your TikTok audience likely doesn’t look like your Facebook audience, and making sure that you are creating content for them appropriately is essential.

3. Optimize every aspect

Each social asset should be optimized for the platform on which it will be published. This starts with the headline and its length. According to HubSpot, the ideal length for a Facebook headline is 12 to 14 words, while Twitter headlines of between eight and 12 words get the most shares. Although Facebook resizes photos, the platform gives guidelines to make sure they display well when it comes to photos. In addition, meta tags and descriptions are important for search and social. For more on how to use them, read 7 Common Meta Tag Mistakes and More Meta Tag Description Mistakes.

4. Segment audiences by platform

Although your audience probably uses multiple social platforms, their content consumption on each may differ. Understanding differences in behavior will allow you to deliver the most engaging content on each platform.

For example, how-to videos are going to succeed on Pinterest. Instagram is going to require more design and hashtag use. TikTok will require video production. Facebook is primarily curation and entertainment. Know what people are looking for and meet them there.

5. Schedule for best monetization

Unfortunately, most people are online when your social media staff is not. This means that online content consumption is highest on nights and weekends when your team is probably off the clock. Use analytics tools to understand when your audience is online, and then schedule appropriately. Resist the urge to push content only while your team is there to curate.

6. Leverage technology

Automation can free up your social media team from the manual tasks of scheduling and posting. The benefit of this is huge! Giving your team more time to focus on content creation and strategic projects is a win for everyone. True Anthem clients have saved as much as 811 hours a month using artificial intelligence to automate content distribution.

7. Profit from evergreen content

Your evergreen content is like gold; it can pay off again and again. While some of this content, such as holiday-related pieces, maybe obvious, there may be other items that can be published repeatedly. True Anthem’s Content Discovery Tool lets you redistribute your best-performing content. The Content Discovery Tool uses big data to quickly and accurately surface the most popular editorial content around topics, trends, or categories.

8. Continually optimize

A robust set of social media analytics tools will allow you to understand content performance in real-time and optimize content distribution to achieve the best monetization. True Anthem’s analytics solution indexes, scores, segments, and predicts the social success of all website content and metadata to identify the content that will perform best across Facebook and Twitter.

Publishers that work hard to produce valuable content need to derive as much value as possible from that content. Following these steps is the best way to achieve engagement and monetization goals. 

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