Facebook helps brands excel: The most dominant social media platform for businesses

facebook helps brands

With an impressive 2.93 billion active monthly users, Facebook remains the most widely-used social media platform. This dominating app reaches nearly every demographic imaginable, making it an essential resource for brands aiming to market on social media. Facebook helps brands tap into this massive audience and successfully engage with their target customers.

Facebook is the ideal launching pad for new businesses to kickstart your brand’s presence. And for established companies, keeping up-to-date with the platform’s advantages can boost your marketing strategy. Discover how Facebook helps brands manage their content and communities effectively, equipping businesses with essential tools for success.

Integration tools

As one of the first and most significant social media sites of its time, Facebook has more integration tools than any other platform. Facebook helps brands expand the reach of their content through features including account logins, follow buttons, and photo sharing. These tools help customers find and engage with your website and additional accounts or content your business wants to promote.

Cutting stereotypes

Some brands automatically battle negative stereotypes online strictly due to the nature of their business. Lawyers, sales, and politicians are just a few who struggle with positive social media branding. However, Facebook makes it easier for these brands to show positive engagement and participation in the community. It can help them design and promote their services to attract an audience rather than deter them. The platform also encourages a personal look behind the scenes to see the humans behind the business. 

Keyword functions

Facebook helps brands connect with their communities faster with its keyword search feature. The tool enables you to search through information about people, subjects, events, topics, and other businesses to help you develop content that expands your reach.

Professional bonds and groups

Most of the time, brands look to beat competitors to find space online. On the other hand, Facebook does an excellent job of uniting businesses in a way that helps them support each other for growth. Facebook groups have become a mecca for companies and professionals to share and exchange information and tips. It eliminates the need to compete and allows businesses to troubleshoot, connect, and network with like-minded organizations. 

Lead generation 

Facebook has pre-made templates for brands to use for Ads to help reach their desired audiences. On the business page, brands can access a portal and hub to manage, create, and track ads to see what works and what doesn’t. Lead-generating tools on Facebook can also reduce the need to constantly monitor your account for spam or soft leads, pointing to the accounts you should be engaging with.

Scheduling appointments 

Facebook helps brands direct customers from their page right to their appointment book. These features can send directions, instructions, calendar invites, and more to new and existing customers without extra effort. 

Direct access to new employees

The Facebook algorithm helps businesses looking for new job candidates by providing direct access to pools that fit their needs. Unlike other platforms, Facebook allows you to post jobs on your Business Page and puts it right up front for those looking for it. Features such as “like” and “share” allow brands to easily share their content and open the door for others to do the same. 

Facebook is user-friendly and a lot less scary than you might think. Let True Anthem help you rock your Facebook strategy with more tips on creating Reels, connecting to other platforms like Instagram, and more. 

If you’re interested in upping your game on social media, reach out today for your personalized demo.

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