Bridging the gap: Social media and reader experience

Social Media and Reader Experience

Authenticity. Honesty. Accurate representation. Whatever you call it, align your brand, product, and mission with your real-world, day-to-day presence. In short, are you who you say you are? Are you doing what you say you’re going to do? Leveraging social media to engage readers only works if you’re open with your audience. The gap between your social media and reader experience should be bridged.

It isn’t so hard to be authentic, though. It simply means that you take the time to define your message and then understand your readers well enough to communicate it effectively. If this sounds like nonsense, stand by. We’ll clear things up.

Understanding the reader’s journey in the age of social media

Social media has changed the way people consume content forever. Today, readers primarily receive content directly in their feeds, inboxes, and alerts instead of actively seeking it out. Google has made content infinitely accessible and easy to find. Catching the reader’s attention is almost impossible—and when you do, you must manage to hold it.

So how do you get their attention? How do you help readers find relevant content in a sea of competition and distraction? True Anthem can help. Even more importantly, we can show you how to help yourself.

Using the data available, we can help you dial into what your audience wants—and then deliver it to them. We use AI learning to understand your audience, and then we pull your content and deliver it at an optimized cadence for each platform.

This approach provides a more in-depth look at data and frees your team from the tedious, easily automated task of scheduling posts across major social platforms.

True Anthem’s AI-driven content publishing strategy

If this all sounds impossible, it isn’t. However, there is so much available regarding social media data that a human team needs help to parse it and implement an informed strategy. It would take an unbelievable amount of man-hours to truly understand audience and content metrics across all platforms.

What True Anthem can do is remove the guesswork. We’ve streamlined the data analysis and made getting your existing content to the right users at the right time easy.

Not only can we help make the decisions, we can take your content, create social posts, and automate the entire posting process. No more hunting for links or double posting. We can suggest a posting cadence and a daily/weekly post volume and determine what people want to see at what times.

Integrating Social Media into Your Digital Presence

Publishing across platforms consistently is important to overall success online. The truth is that different platforms have different audiences. Instagram users consume content differently than Twitter users, and Facebook is a totally different demographic than TikTok.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing your hands up and dropping links on Facebook daily.

Posting videos, links, text posts, and images will ensure you present your content in several ways. If someone sees an image that catches their attention and can dive deeper into a 60-second video, they invest more time in your content. Giving a Twitter user a quick recap with a pithy headline may go much further than an aesthetic Instagram post for some audiences.

True Anthem can help, though. We can remove the cumbersome task of preparing a story four different ways and quite literally do it for you. Your Twitter posts, Instagram posts, LinkedIn Posts, and Facebook posts can be scheduled by our tool without you even having to click a button.

Let us help

You’re already doing the hard part. As a publisher, you’re living your authentic brand experience online and creating the best content you can create for your audience. You’re showing them who you are with the stories you choose.

Leveraging social media to engage readers doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Don’t get stuck and hung up on the distribution. We can connect you to your readers by getting your content up everywhere seamlessly. All you have to do to bridge the social media and reader experience gap is deliver excellent content.

We can take it from there.

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