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Digital media rapidly changed the landscape of publishing, and True Anthem is setting a new standard in publishing automation to help meet the needs of this modern audience. Long gone are the days of paperboys and newspaper stands that held the latest stories from the presses. Once the act of digitizing media began with Sky News in 1989, the expectation for news to be instant and constant was imminent. 

Creating content in a digital form opened the door for news to transfer seamlessly at lower publication costs. Still, creating, scheduling, distributing, and analyzing content for readers requires effort while continuously staying on top of current events. This struggle is precisely why publishing AI programs have become practically essential in the industry.

True Anthem has helped publishers experience greater productivity while growing their business across multiple social platforms. Our tool is designed to choose tailored content for your audience and determine the best time to publish algorithmically. We use AI technology to save publishers tens of thousands of hours that can be better spent procuring the news rather than battling the algorithms to distribute it. Here’s how we make it happen. 

The need for automation in publishing

Modern audiences have high expectations for accessing their news. They want specific content, on preferred apps, at any time of the day, in high-quality form. Fortunately for readers, the technology to meet their needs is there. It’s up to the publishers to meet the demand. However, this can prove difficult when overcoming certain industry challenges:

  • Retaining readers
  • Staying relevant
  • Creating rich content
  • Maintaining a constant flow of materials
  • Doing so with minimal errors 

Automation of content distribution helps publishers overcome many of these challenges from the start. For instance, True Anthem’s tool eliminates the need for publishers to post to each platform independently, publishing across multiple social media accounts simultaneously and staying consistent with the algorithms. Our ability to analyze an audience and how well content performs allows us to help publishers choose the best content to retain and gain new readers and identify evergreen options for further growth. 

Growing traffic with data-driven posting

Time is of the essence in the publishing world. Staying relevant and on-trend means paying constant attention to your niche; this is even more true in the newsroom. 

Publishers don’t have time to experiment with social posting schedules married to each algorithm and content style that fail to achieve desired results. Automating your social media management can eliminate the guesswork of what posts will perform well and allow for more consistency of data-informed posting.

True Anthem sets a new standard in publishing automation by using advanced analytics and AI to identify the best content to promote across your social platforms. By combining real-time signals from social audiences and your website, our tool identifies which content ranks the highest and has the best growth potential. It can also designate optimal times for posting on each platform based on when your audience is active. 

Automating social media for effortless management

AI has changed the game for publishers in ways you may not have realized. Many online powerhouses already use AI tools to capture their audiences. Search engines and social media platforms such as Google and Facebook implement several automated features to meet the needs of their users: 

“These powerful, automated platforms are designed to engage end users with as little employee intervention as possible. Like all automation, they lower labor costs and improve quality, but in this case, their most important contribution is the massive scale of engagement they enable.” (The Automation of the Publishing Industry)

Publishers can use similar technology by using automated tools to publish their social content. Most publishers don’t want to spend their day focused on formatting, scheduling, and analyzing all their different types of content. True Anthem aids teams in optimizing and automating complex social media strategies for all types of content:

  • News stories
  • Blogs and articles
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Evergreen content 

Full editorial control and customization

Not all automated publishing tools are the same. One crucial feature publishers should pay attention to in a publishing automation program is the ability to customize content. Some programs will spit out generated headlines, images, and layouts that can make your content look spammy or low quality. Users are less likely to engage with these posts on any platform.

True Anthem ensures publishers maintain complete editorial control over their content with a user-friendly dashboard that puts all the tools in one place. Posting capabilities include editing headlines, images, post captions, post order, or eliminating an unwanted post altogether. Publishers can even set customized rules for prioritizing content and designated posts for the specific demographics on each platform. 

All social networks in one platform

Most social media strategies include posting to multiple platforms. Each content automation platform has its own customized interface with requirements, limitations, style, and algorithms to adhere to. Posting the same content in multiple places is time-consuming.

Automated publishing tools like True Anthem give you the ability to access all of your linked accounts in one place. This includes popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can customize your content for each account, making sure only platform-appropriate posts are being published. Plus, True Anthem eliminates switching between different software programs to schedule, creating a hub for your social media strategy to thrive. 

Ready to Automate with True Anthem? 

The need for publishing automation is growing by the day. As with all new technology, there are a number of options for taking the leap. But settling for any program could mean putting more work into your automation than you need to. 

True Anthem designed its tool to help publishers grow traffic and automate the undesirable parts of social media. Let our new standard in publishing automation give you more time and confidence in your strategy. Request a demo and experience the benefits of True Anthem’s content automation platform first-hand!

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