Why you should automate your social media posting

Benefits of Social Media Automation

Social media automation is uncharted territory for many brands. At this stage, you likely have a social media team. You have strategies and a process. It is integrated into content creation at this point because it became as much a part of content creation as a headline

So now what? You’ve been doing similar things for a decade now. Create the content. Edit the content. Post the content to Facebook and Twitter. Repeat. But with 4.9 billion people using social media on any given day, chances are you’re not reaching nearly the number you want with your current strategy. 

Social media automation is disruptive. But hear us out: it can make your content strategy better.

You can trust AI posting

We understand the skepticism. I was a skeptic myself. Social media is social, right? How could social media automation possibly replace that human interaction with a robot? I experimented with True Anthem for a long time before I trusted it.

Real talk: AI isn’t about handing over your social to a robot—it’s about training the tool to do what you need it to do. It really is as simple as that. You decide what the tool will be used for, provide the data, and ultimately, you get to apply that data however you see fit.

Maybe all you need is some simple posting automation and insight into posting times for your audience. Or maybe you need more in-depth support like copy suggestions, headline analysis, and multi-platform support. Either way, it’s all controlled by you, and you sign off on the final product.

The benefits

Here’s the thing: The output will be as good as what you put in. Take the time to set it up well, and you will see the results. If you’re anything like I was, you probably aren’t aware of how much you can really train the technology to do. Here are a few of the possibilities:

Custom Meta Fields

You can customize your CMS to work with your AI posting software by adding custom meta fields. These fields all you to insert post copy and headlines for each platform and even customize images to appropriate aspect ratios. Yes, you can do all of this in the back end of your website. Doing these steps in your CMS allows the AI software to do its job flawlessly.

Learns Your Audience

The machine can learn and predict things that we cannot do quickly, especially if we have an overloaded team without the ability to analyze in-depth analytics and predict when our audience is on-site, what’s trending, and what to recirculate.

More Free Time

Social media marketing automation can keep your posting consistent and free your team up to innovate in other ways. Scheduling posts can take up an insane amount of time and honestly, it is boring and soul crushing and an overall poor use of time. Let your team handle higher-touch tasks like video creation, engagement, live productions, and graphic design. Let AI do the tedious part.

Maintain an Online Presence

Sustaining an online presence is crucial to growing your brand and staying relevant in the social media space. AI can help publishers schedule their content across multiple platforms to maintain their presence in all spaces that allow their business to grow.

Keep up with Consistency with Minimal Efforts

Inconsistency is an instant killer to most businesses on social media. AI can help brands post on a regular schedule to ensure their content stays in front of their audience instead of getting pushed off the feed.

Repurpose Content According to the Platform

There’s nothing better than using one piece of content more than once. With AI technology, programs can highlight posts that are doing well enough to be reused and repurposed for further reach and engagement.

In short, it’s taking what your human team can do and marrying it with a complex analysis of social media trends, posting times, recirculation opportunities, and more. When done well, it’s even more efficient than what your team can do.

Social media automation is an opportunity

Honestly, this is the most important thing to know: You can spend time on other things if you automate your social media posting. It is that simple. The time spent selecting, formatting, and scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram eats up time better spent on other high-value projects.

Imagine logging in to a dashboard, approving all of your posts for the day, and moving on. Your scheduling process can be that easy. That’s what social media automation can do for you.

If you would like to know more about how to automate your social media posting, contact True Anthem. We’ll give you a personalized demo of our social media automation platform and help you get started. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date news and tips on social media.

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