How an all-in-one social media tool can help your business

All-in-One Social Media Tool

All-in-one social media tools are relatively new to the publishing landscape. They’re intimidating, and it may be difficult to understand how they work if you’ve never used them before. Is it safe to hand off your daily operations to a robot? What about the community you’ve spent years building? Will they know?

Like everything else, you get out of a social media automation tool what you put into it. If you invest the time and set it up correctly, you should see increased traffic, better engagement, and more consistency. This frees up your staff to take on higher-touch tasks and innovate, which is a win for everybody.

Your online presence will improve

The thing about humans is that they cannot be online 24 hours a day. When you’re scheduling across multiple platforms at all hours, it is almost impossible to handle manually. The reality is that when your staff is busy scheduling, they aren’t doing much else. Content creation, innovation, and engagement can all suffer. Not to mention, relying on people to make judgment calls for every post leaves a lot of traffic on the table.

A good social media automation tool (like True Anthem) will analyze your data and set up your CMS to create high-quality posts and schedule them at the best time possible. This takes the guesswork out of posting and also frees up your team to focus on other things.

When you switch to data-driven social posting, you’ll likely see an increase in all of your KPIs. True Anthem can create a customized schedule and pull the best content for the moment based on trends, traffic, and other important metrics. 

It forces organization and focus

Using data to create and promote your content means that you are always actively analyzing what is working and what is not. This information should inform every step of the content process, from planning to distribution. When you know your audience and your content, you can select the right stories and tell them well. Focusing on your strengths as a creator and your success as a publisher is critical.

Additionally, a social media automation tool requires clean metadata. This means that your categories, tags, and SEO have to be organized well for it to work properly. While it can be meticulous and require a lot of time and attention, it is always worth it. You’ll be able to find that story that did well five years ago at just the right moment. There is never a downside to an organized CMS and a focused content creation process.

You won’t suffer when someone goes on vacation

This is a universal problem. Finding someone to cover your digital presence when your team needs to be out. Not only do you have to ensure permissions, but there’s also a learning curve. Social media isn’t done well by just anybody. The days of handing it off to whoever has a minute are long gone. Even if you happen to have the manpower, chances are the knowledge takes a vacation, too.

If you have your social media automation tool ready to go, your social posting shouldn’t suffer at all. AI social posting can run on its own with minimal oversight. All your team should have to do is check in and make sure things are running smoothly!

You can manage multiple social media accounts

Staying present on multiple social media platforms is essential to expanding your brand. But it’s not easy, and it can be pretty time-consuming. Each platform has its own login, interface, and posting requirements to master. Posting directly to a platform may be easy for a consumer, but for businesses with multiple pages and a strategy to follow, this can be an overwhelming task for your team.

Social media automation tools require ONE login to connect you to all of your social media accounts, allowing you to post from one interface. These tools also include built-in features to post simultaneously across platforms and help you optimize your content to stay relevant on each one.

You have more time for real-time engagement

You want to engage with your audience on social media–that’s the whole point! However, this can be difficult if you have multiple social media platforms and a string of threads to manage. Finding conversations you want to respond to, responding promptly, or remembering to check your responses can all occur when you have too much on your social plate. Lack of engagement and slow response times can also hurt your business pages and your ability to stay in front of your audience.

By implementing an all-in-one social media tool, you’re taking the task of tracking social media conversations off your shoulders. With all your platform data in one place, you can easily find threads to participate in, followers to respond to, and maintain a healthy and timely interaction schedule with your audience.

Your team will thank you

This is likely the most important part. You spend a lot of time and money building a team that can meet your goals. Whether you’re a huge corporation or a tiny startup, your people are your most important asset. If you burn them out, your productivity will suffer across the board.

Taking daily tasks off their plate will allow for development, innovation, and balance. A healthy team is a creative team. Contact us to learn how we can help your business, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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