How to use an AI tool for social media automation

ai tool for social media automation

The concept of an AI tool for social media automation can seem like, well, a lot. Is it okay to hand off your social media presence to a machine? What about the human touch that resonates so well on social media?

It turns out there’s a way to make AI-posting turn your content system into a well-oiled machine without sacrificing the humanity of online interaction. We’ve already done a deep dive on metadata, so we won’t bore you with that again. 

Perfecting your metadata procedure is essential. Metadata is the information that surrounds the content and tells us what it contains. It consists of keywords, author information, dates, summaries – everything that provides us with a description of the content beneath it. All of this is fundamental to the way that the web works: Metadata drives search, and that’s why understanding how to categorize, tag, and keyword appropriately is an essential component of your online success.

The thing is, this isn’t just for SEO. Using keywords and search terms appropriately is vital on several levels. For now, we’re going to look at how this metadata applies to making AI-posting work seamlessly.

Let’s jump in!

Delete the old stuff

Seriously. It may seem inconsequential, but if irrelevant tags are cluttering up the back end, it will make it significantly more challenging for you, internally, and automation systems. To get everybody on board and get things running smoothly, make sure that you delete stuff you aren’t going to use. Every tag and category should have a specific purpose.

Set up your structure for AI posting… and more

For a lot of this, there isn’t so much a “right” answer. There is almost definitely going to be some trial and error in figuring out what works for your efforts. The goal should be an organization of content. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Tags vs. Categories: Consider how your CMS operates and how you already use metadata functionality.

Is there a public display of tags?

Do you use category pages as landing pages? 

  • Tag Creation: There is a lot of time consumption located if you end up working backward to fix tagging errors.

Is the writer or the editor creating your tags?

Who checks to make sure things are correct? 

  • Plan for future needs: Figure out what you need now & will need in the future for your content team. Make sure that you know WHY you are adding the tags and categories to each post.  

Will you be adding tags to posts that belong on a particular RSS feed?

Are you planning on adopting any form of automation?

Are you separating content by type, date, genre, creation reason, or any other team-specific segment? 

How AI posting works

AI-based automation maps to your CMS & metadata, which means your AI-posting is as good as the metadata you manage and your CMS’s organization. Once you go through and decide what metadata you need, be sure to apply it consistently. Go back and add tags. Recategorize content that is floating around in your CMS untethered. Figure out where everything belongs and give it a home.

If you’re looking for a field that doesn’t exist, custom meta fields are possible! Sometimes you need more than what’s already available in your CMS. If you have developers on hand, build in some extra metadata options. Some common additions we see are social copy and secondary headlines.

How True Anthem can help

We can help you with every step of this process! From helping you develop a plan to organize your metadata to build custom fields in your CMS, we can handle the entire setup and let you run with it!

We’ll take your metadata, create rules for posting to match your content output, social media voice, and traffic goals, and handle your social posts. That means we pull the specified metadata elements, create the setup, and schedule them for publication, and all you need to do is scan the queue to approve them.

If you are interested in a custom presentation on how we can lighten your load and up your social game, schedule a demo now. Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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