LinkedIn’s Creator efforts, Twitter’s bot labels, and Instagram’s Montage feature

Pinterest’s TV Studio

LinkedIn is working hard to build a creator community. They’ve added new features like Clubhouse-style voice chat and long-form posts, and are launching a $25 million fund for creators. Instagram is basically begging people to use Reels, and Facebook is trying to make video more accessible for small businesses with the integration of Vimeo.


1. Twitter is trying out bot labels

Twitter is trying to keep people aware of who they’re interacting with by allowing accounts to add an optional bot label. This is an interesting way to allow users to identify as “good bots.” It is not a spam prevention measure and will not help identify spammers.

Here is the info from Twitter.

Twitter News


2. Instagram is adding a “Montage” option to turns Stories into Reels

Instagram really wants you to use Reels. Like, really wants you to use Reels. Their latest feature allows you to turn your Stories into a Reel. From Social Media Today:

The first step … would display all of your Stories frames in sequence. From there, you would then enable Instagram to automatically formulate a video combining elements of each frame.

From there, Instagram suggests audio and allows you to post to Reels. Basically, they’re trying to make this as easy as possible for users.


3. LinkedIn is adding long-form posts

Articles for Pages is a new feature that long-form posts for pages, unrestricted by the platform’s character limits. LinkedIn explains:

  • Engage members with professional content they can consume without leaving the platform.
  • Produce and share robust content, exploring key topics at length with rich media, links, pull quotes, and more.
  • Spark visible and inviting conversations with your community in the comments section, mirroring the engagement elements of a social post.
  • Encourage valuable next-step actions, like following your Page, clicking through to your website, or downloading a resource.
  • Access detailed audience insights to learn about the firmographics of people reading and interacting with the content.


4. Vimeo Create is now integrated into Facebook Business Suite

They’re already integrated with TikTok and Pinterest, but Facebook is now trying to make video marketing more accessible to small businesses who may not have a large budget for video production. It’s a paid tool, but in the scope of video production, it’s affordable and offers a free trial. From Facebook:

“When it comes to making videos, we know small businesses might see it as expensive, time-consuming and complicated. But with Vimeo Create, now integrated into Facebook Business Suite, businesses can easily build high-impact video ads, regardless of budget or experience, to reach new customers, engage audiences and make any brand stand out.”

5. LinkedIn launches a $25 million fund for creators

From LinkedIn:

This 10-week, incubator-style program for up to 100 U.S.-based creators will give accepted participants coaching, a built-in creator network, opportunities to be featured on LinkedIn channels, and a $15,000 grant to help them share content, spark conversations, and build communities.

TechCrunch notes that this is coming on the heels of an audio chat feature designed to bring Clubhouse style conversation to the platform.

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