The new Instagram link sticker and reshare sticker and how to use them

Instagram Link Sticker

Instagram implemented a few significant changes this month that are worth noting. Most importantly, the link sticker.

The link sticker

The link sticker is a massive change. Instagram has only had one native link option on the platform: Link in bio. While it works, it’s clunky and limits the ability to drive traffic on the platform

From Instagram:

Enter the URL you want the sticker to link to. Tap See Preview below the link to see what the link will look like when someone opens it. Anyone who can see your story can tap the sticker to visit the link.

What does this look like? Go to your stickers in story creation mode. It should look like this:

New Instagram Link Sticker

Once you have clicked the link sticker, it will prompt you to add a link:

New Instagram Link Sticker

It is that simple. From there, you’ll have a neat little link icon to move around your story. This is a massive improvement for publishers. No more 10k follower requirement–AND it’s much cleaner!

Look how pretty:

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Link your website, blog posts, anything that you need to drive traffic.

The resharing sticker

This one is a little more complicated. Gone are the days when you could click an arrow on a post and share your stories. Instead, here’s the easiest way to do it:

  1. Save the post you want to share.
  2. Go to your stories and click on Create.
  3. Add the “reshare” sticker:
  4. Then, click on the “saved” icon in the middle. It will add the post to your story.

The process should look like this:

Instagram & Facebook News

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