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ai tool for social media automation

How to use an AI tool for social media automation

The concept of AI posting can seem like, well, a lot. Is it really okay to hand off your social media presence to a machine? What about the human touch that resonates so well on social media? Turns out, there’s a way to make everything work well without sacrificing the humanity of online interaction.

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Creating a usable well of evergreen content

If you’re like a lot of publishers, reusing evergreen can feel overwhelming. How do you pull all of the content? Do you need to do it manually? How do you add to it? Can you track the ROI of the posts? When is it time to retire them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

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Facebook page health

What does “Facebook Page Health” mean?

Page health is a bit of an elusive concept. You’ve probably heard a consultant or social media guru mention it in reference to how much reach you get from your page. But what elements make a healthy page? And how do you do that?

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