How much should you post on Facebook?

Facebook Posting Frequency

How much you should post on Facebook? It’s one of the most consistent questions we get asked when working with publishers. And just like everything else, the answer is a frustrating “it depends.”However, there are some guiding principals that you can use to help you come to a conclusion.

We already have a more in-depth look, but we’re here to give you the TL;DR version.

Anybody who has ever done Facebook strategy knows it’s not just about how much you post to Facebook, but when you post and what you post. These two components can help you strike a critical balance between giving your audience enough and not enough content. Here are the factors that need consideration:

  • How much new content you’re creating and how much evergreen content you have
  • The Reach of your current posts
  • When your audience is online and engaging with your Page

How do I assess my content?

So, the answer is this: Take a step by step look at what you have and how much real estate you have before you figure out how much you should post to Facebook.

First, Look at how much content your team created on a daily basis. Let’s say your team produces about 20 pieces of new content per day.

Second, evaluate your evergreen database. Do you regularly produce content that has a long shelf-life and is consistently relevant for recirculation? If you’re not sure how to do this, here are some ideas. If you have content and don’t know how to recirculate it, here are some tips. If you’re ready outsource that and make the most of your hard-to-fill posting slots, TrueAnthem can set up an automation schedule that maximizes your evergreen content.

Third, figure out when your audience is online. There’s a simple Facebook API pull that can tell you when your users are engaging with your content. It’s really important to know this. Reread this post, and match up your cadence to when your audience is online.

How do I figure out how often to post to Facebook?

Once you have the above pieces, you can figure out how much to post. Let’s break it down.

If we’re producing 20 pieces of content a day and have a hefty database of evergreen content to work with you can easily fill 24 slots or so per day. If, for example, we learn that our audience is most engaged between 6pm and 9pm, we know that we can weight our posts during that period.  A good example schedule would look like this:

  • 8am-5pm: Hourly posts. That is 10 throughout the course of the day.
  • 6pm-9pm: Every 30 minutes. 6 posts in that 3 hours stretch.
  • Space your remaining 8 posts out throughout the night and early morning hours, mixing in your evergreen posts to maintain a steady cadence in your off-peak hours.

This approach allows you be consistent through the day, get all of your daily content out, and reuse a steady stream of evergreen content, all while making sure you’re giving your most engaged audience more of your best content in your peak time.

Spending some time looking at this can help you create a daily schedule that works for you and your team, while getting the most out of the audience you’ve built.

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