Steps to a healthier Facebook Page and how to grow

Facebook page performance

Regardless of what younger generations may claim, your Facebook page performance is more important now than ever. Facebook is the most popular social media platform worldwide, averaging over 2.9 billion active users daily as of April 2023. With these statistics, there’s no doubt that Facebook helps brands excel, making maintaining a healthy page a crucial piece of your social media strategy.

Keeping a healthy Facebook page starts with knowing the basic components and tools of the platform. Below, we’ll cover a few ways you can keep your Facebook page strong by optimizing your profile and implementing proven strategies to grow. 

Understanding the basics 

First impressions of a business’s Facebook page are important. If your page is scattered, outdated, or incomplete, users will likely skip over it without a second thought. On the other hand, pages that are too busy and loud will deter users who don’t want to feel spammed by the accounts they follow. 

These are a few areas of your Facebook you should frequently be updating and how to optimize them for the best results: 

Profile Picture

Your Facebook profile photo is the image that appears in the little bubble of your profile at the top left. It’s a user’s first impression of your business when your content appears on their feed. Keep the profile picture simple, with a face or a logo. Try to avoid a lot of text or smaller images with a lot going on. You want your photo to be recognizable and enticing. 

Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is the banner at the top of your profile. Any image you choose must be 150 pixels tall and 400 wide. This can be photos of your product, mission statement, current deal, or a photo that connects with your niche. It will overlap with your profile photo, so consider this when designing. 

Call-to-Action Button

Utilize call-to-action buttons on your page to get your users to take action toward supporting your brand. Buttons can range from making an appointment, signing up for a service, watching a video, or anything with a destination URL address/content to attach. 

About Section

While this section seems tedious, it’s one of the most important on your profile. Fill this section with basic information about the business you want users to know when exploring your account. You can optimize this section by adding your story, mission, company information, history, or other captivating details. 

Once these sections are completed, don’t forget about them! Updating your photos, call-to-action buttons, and the About Section are as vital to staying relevant as posting frequently. Updating every two to three months on average is a good strategy. Any more often would be too much and make it harder for your users to follow you. 

Steps to a healthier Facebook Page

After setting up your Facebook page for success, it’s time to focus on what to fill it with. Facebook page performance is heavily weighted on the type of content you post, your posting strategy, and your interactions with your followers after publishing. 

Myth: As long as you post on social media, you will do well. False. Very false.  

When posting, make sure you are avoiding common social media mistakes and focus more on proven methods for growth and engagement, such as the following: 

Regular Content Posting

Establishing a posting schedule in your Facebook strategy will help keep you relevant and push your content in front of your potential audience. Posting too much can cause your posts to be labeled as clickbait and discarded. Posting too little could make you disappear from the feed. Balancing consistency with optimization is tough, but True Anthem can help. Our automated tool helps to determine the best time and amount to post when your audience is active and engaging, with the ability to schedule posts ahead to make it easier for your team. 

High-Quality Content

Nothing is more deterring to the algorithm and your audience than scrolling through poorly thought-out posts. Every piece of content you post on Facebook should be high quality. True Anthem’s dashboard allows for easy editing and optimization of content to help publishers identify the best-performing posts and content users want more of in the future. 

Platform-Appropriate Posts

Facebook pushes different types of posts than LinkedIn or Instagram, even though you may notice a lot of cross-posting as you scroll through. Videos, stories, posts encouraging engagement, and Reels do very well on Facebook. 

Real-Time Engagement

Responding to comments, messages, and reviews promptly helps your Facebook page performance by increasing engagement. Your audience wants to know you care and appreciate them. Real-time engagement proves you are a human reading their comments and concerns. Replying promptly can also help boost your chances of being favored by the algorithm, as platforms will track how long it takes you to get back to your followers. 

Utilize Analytics

Gaining insight into your audience can help publishers make quality and engaging content. One of the tools to help you do this is Facebook analytics. This data breaks down who consumes your content, what content they consume, and other helpful online behaviors to hone in on your potential audience. True Anthem can take it further by leveraging data for optimized content distribution.

Diversify Content Types

Make sure you diversify the type of content you post on Facebook to build engagement in various ways. Schedule a mix of videos, images, links, and text posts for the best results and an audience that will keep coming back. 

Facebook Page performance is ongoing 

No social media strategy on Facebook succeeds without consistency and frequent updates. Starting by optimizing what you already have is a perfect place to begin. To help keep things going, leverage tools like True Anthem for an effective and engaging Facebook presence. These tools will free up your team and reduce the amount of guessing when creating social media strategies, allowing you to focus on more important sectors of your business.

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