Instagram is going wide with Broadcasts, everyone is all in on AI

Pinterest’s TV Studio

Generative AI is everyone’s jam, and they’re all spending money on upping the AI game. Snap spent billions on the AI ad business, and everyone else is throwing money at AI post generators and chatbots. YouTube is implementing a/b thumbnail testing, and there’s a lot more going on. Let’s dive in.

1. LinkedIn tests live generative AI posts

This is another step in a large stream on generated AI posts. Machines are creating more and more content, and LinkedIn has a long list of products that they are using AI to run.

2. Instagram expands broadcast channels to all users

From Social Media Today:

After initially launching its Broadcast Channels option to selected US creators back in February, Instagram’s now making the additional DM engagement option available to all users that have an active Creator account, as it looks to lean into the broader shift away from feed posts, and into more private discussions.

3. Meta launches a generative AI speech tool

Looks like generative speech is on Meta’s AI list. From the company:

  • Voicebox is a generative AI model that can help with audio editing, sampling and styling.
  • This type of technology could be used in the future to help creators easily edit audio tracks, allow visually impaired people to hear written messages from friends in their voices, and enable people to speak any foreign language in their own voice.

4. YouTube is launching a/b testing for thumbnails

This could be really cool for heavy YouTube users. Thumbnails are obviously a critical part of the process, and this could help a lot. It essentially allows you to make data-driven decisions about up to three thumbnails at a time.

Watch the video here.

5. Instagram’s updates include which song you’re listening to

From The Verge:

Instagram is adding more features to Notes, the text-based updates reminiscent of AIM away messages and statuses.

Now, users will be able to attach a 30-second clip of a song to their status update, along with a short caption next to the track. Friends can then tap into the song to listen to the snippet. Instagram is also adding a translation button below Notes for posts in other languages.

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