Engaging social media content ideas for slow news days

social media content ideas

Businesses active on social media for a while generally have their content strategy locked in. Slow news days can be particularly challenging for publishers, making it difficult to keep posts on trend and engaging. To help you overcome these hurdles, here are some fresh social media content ideas you can explore.


Creating a recirculation strategy helps publishers to avoid stale content periods and keep a steady flow of content on social. There’s a reason that your loyal followers started their journey with you in the first place. Look back on the content that connected well with your audience in the past and reworks it to capture a new group of visitors to tag along. 

Every user reads differently, and a successful content recirculation often lies in variety. If an image post did well the first time, try creating a video on the same topic. Quote graphics are an excellent way to catch readers’ attention, especially those who scroll at warp speed. If you posted something on one platform and didn’t crosspost to another, look into highlighting your content across all your platforms. 

Evergreen creation

Part of your recirculation strategy should involve building a bank of evergreen content. Evergreen content is one of the most consistent ways to drive traffic to your website. It takes some effort–it’s not easy–but when you accomplish this type of content, it can dramatically up your social media game.

You can find potential evergreen content by focusing first on your highest-performing posts. For publishers, this needs to include content that is not time-sensitive or without timely references. True Anthem can help you create successful evergreen content to optimize what you already have. 

Was there a recent topic you covered that drove a lot of engagement? Build on it. You can create a continuous flow of content you know your audience is interested in by creating related or follow-up material to previous posts. If you covered a particular news story last week that performed well, look through the comments and see what other parts of this story you could cover based on the questions and conversations your audience is instigating. 

In-depth content 

Let’s be honest: hot takes on Twitter aren’t enough. When you need content with a little more substance, have your writers work on a more in-depth approach to commentary. For example, if there’s a significant local event, a holiday, a historic anniversary, or other culturally significant events, write about it! 

Do you have a history buff who would love to dive deeply into a local figure for Black History Month? Or look back at the impact of a natural disaster on the event’s anniversary. Find ways to go deeper and tell exciting stories for easy content.

Additionally, explainers that are relevant to your audience are a great source of social media content ideas that can be used over and over again. History of tornadoes in your area? Boom. Every time there’s a storm, you have something to follow up with and a way to show how the most recent storm stacks up. In a hurricane-prone area? Write up some stuff on hurricane prep. Come up with a frequently occurring weather event/cultural event/etc. and create a piece of helpful content. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things

If you’re paying attention, you know what your audience likes. However, what you know is by no means exhaustive. So try something different! If they like anecdotes about local wildlife, maybe they’d like an explainer on keeping deer out of your yard in the spring or local hunting seasons.

You’ll never know if you don’t try!

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