The race to be more like TikTok, Twitter’s broken verification system, LinkedIn Reviews and more

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Lots of interesting social media news this week. Twitter is constantly trying new stuff, Reddit is the latest to get swept up in a TikTok-like video feed, and Instagram is adding an audio tab for Reels. In short, everyone wants to compete with TikTok, which was–once again–the most downloaded app last month. So here goes:

1. LinkedIn is adding a rating and review option

If your page is listed as offering services, LinkedIn is providing an option for ratings and reviews. Those who have a Service page have received this email:

“We’re excited to share that you can now receive and view reviews as a service provider on LinkedIn. To see reviews you’ve received from past clients or to manage your reviews, simply go to your Service Page. If you haven’t received any reviews on your Service Page, be sure to start growing reviews by sending out review invites.”

Looks like there’s one more place to get feedback.

2. Instagram is adding an Audio tab to boost Reels engagement

In this week’s episode of “how do we beat TikTok,” Instagram is adding an audio tab. This will allow people to search for audio directly and encourage trends. As far as practical use, it doesn’t change much. It does streamline things a bit though.

3. Reddit has added a continuous video feed

Most Reddit users should have a For You Page-esque feed on Reddit now. That’s right. Even Reddit is jumping on the short video bandwagon. It’s unavoidable. The feed pulls video from subreddits you’re a part of, as well as related content. Prior to this, the only way to consume video on Reddit was to play videos while scrolling your feed.

The feature began rolling out to iOS users in late July and is available to almost all users now. They will continue to expand availability.

4. TikTok has streamlined content creation through partnerships with both Vimeo and Canva

From TikTok:

Both Vimeo and Canva are now official TikTok Marketing Partners, joining TikTok’s growing roster of badged partners who are pioneering forward-thinking solutions for marketers. They are also the first two partners to be badged under TikTok’s all-new Creative Tools subcategory of Creative Partners, helping brands produce creative assets that leverage TikTok’s best practices.

Both platforms aim to streamline the content creation process. Anything that makes creators lives easier!

5. Twitter’s verification process is paused. Again.

They can’t seem to get this together.

Maybe someday you’ll get your blue check.

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