Customization vs. Automation: Achieving balance while automating social media

automating social media

Automating social media well can be a tricky proposition. As social media managers, your job is to connect your audience in productive ways and reach KPIs set by your team. Engagement, sentiment, click-through rate, and other tedium can dominate your process. However, focusing on these things can provide a somewhat limited view of your impact.

Social media is ever-changing; you have to innovate and evolve to stay at the top of your game. The sheer volume of content required to run a consistent social media strategy can be daunting, especially for smaller teams. Many have opted to lean on AI posting and other automation tools to help relieve their teams and keep up with the demands. But is automating social media the answer?

The answer is a strong probably. However, the reality is that your audience is sensitive to robot posting and AI advancements, and it’s a good idea to learn the ropes. How does True Anthem maintain the integrity of your content while lightening your social media load with AI? Great question; we’d love to tell you.

Automation: The brains of the operation

Automating social media is becoming an essential part of a digital strategy. With so much territory to cover and content demand at an all-time high, social media teams have to save time wherever they can. Automation is a critical tool for busy teams. Whether scheduling manually or allowing AI to take the reigns, you probably need to find a sweet spot that helps lighten the load.

There are many levels of social media automation.

To understand how this works, we need to talk about how True Anthem customizes your posts. Customization is not simply work you do in the Dashboard after the fact. A good AI posting tool incorporates customization into your content process. Categories, keywords, tags, and other custom metadata fields can make a world of difference.

Customization: The heart of your social presence

For automation to work, it must be highly customizable. But what does that mean? If you’re going to spend all of your time customizing your work, shouldn’t you just go ahead and schedule it?

Not necessarily.

Customization is the personal touch—the human element that connects you to your audience. This is usually what people are afraid of handing over when they start thinking about AI, and rightly so. People know when a robot is speaking to them, and there are things that we just can’t do with AI yet.

This is where True Anthem shines. We work with your team to set things up to your specifications—we can ensure that the images, copy, headlines, and cadence are pulled into your queue. With a simple slick, you can approve each post, and your fingerprints will be on every piece of content that goes out.

And with the time True Anthem can save for your team, you’ll have time to engage with your audience on a deeper level.

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