5 things True Anthem can do for you

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You probably have a social media scheduling tool if you manage multiple social media accounts for your brand. Whether it’s as rudimentary as a manual scheduler or a fully automated AI solution, social media teams learned long ago that they need help. Paying someone to be available to post content around the clock is not a winning proposition.

Here is where True Anthem comes in. Whether it’s helping you recirculate content efficiently to drive more traffic or helping you find related content in your catalog, we’re here for you! Let’s take a look at 5 things True Anthem can do for you.

1. Refine your content filtering with Smart Tags

Smart Tags can be utilized to filter your content. This tool is incredibly useful if you want to apply rules to certain types of content. It allows you to harness the power of AI for selecting and distributing content while maintaining editorial control over your distribution.

For example, most of our publishers have an Evergreen tag. Recirculation rules, priority levels, and other content rules will be attached to tagged content. Additionally, True Anthem will suggest the tag, allow you to untag content, and add multiple tags—all without exiting your Dashboard.

2. Annotations: Talk to your team in the TA Dashboard

Let’s be honest: Nobody likes a deluge of Slack messages and emails. Enter: Annotations! Annotations are a communication tool in the True Anthem Dashboard that allows you to communicate with your team (and True Anthem!) in your dashboard.

The process is user-friendly and intuitive. Adding, editing, and deleting notes is a breeze, allowing you to enhance clarity when necessary and clean up when information becomes redundant.

For more information, see our detailed outline of Annotation works.

3. Need to give a piece of content a rest? Snooze it.

Need to temporarily pull a piece of content out of your content queue without manually removing it or swapping post slots? We’ve got you.

All you have to do is go to your content queue, hover over the piece you want to snooze, select “enhanced page blocking,” and then set the duration. We have standard timeframes, or you can set a custom time period.

4. Evergreen Recirculation

One of the most common praises we receive about our product is how well our tool recirculates content. Our AI resurfaces forgotten-about-gems that their team lost track of in a spreadsheet transition or staff change. Honestly, it’s one of our stronger tactics for scaling traffic without more effort from the customer. Social media scheduling was never so effective.

To read more about our Evergreen recirculation, check out these articles:

5. Similar Content

Similar Content is a powerful tool to find similar content across your website. This is more than a simple keyword-based search—our system will find content across your catalog using NLP—Natural Language Processing. 

Essentially, NLP allows the AI to make connections beyond similar keywords. So, with keywords, if you’re looking at an article about a hamburger, you’ll get other articles about a hamburger. But what about cheeseburgers? Hot dogs? French fries? Fast food? Like ChatGPT, our large language model (LLM) uses a deep learning algorithm that captures meaning and context to find relevant content you might be interested in.

In practice, what this means is that you’re going to be able to find similar content quickly and effectively. For example, if a news cycle is focusing on extreme weather, you’ll be able to pull your weather content quickly or find other extreme weather content you’ve published in the past to fill out your schedule. Find the content you need, when you need it. 

For a full rundown of this feature, click here.

Social media scheduling (and so much more!) done right

True Anthem is so much more than social media scheduling. We help you make your existing content work for you—and save your team a ton of time and energy in the process. To set up a demo, shoot us a message today.

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