The current state of AI adoption for social media publishing

AI-driven social media posting

If your business is on social media, then you’ve already been infiltrated with AI technology. It sounds a little invasive when you say it like that, but it’s the truth. AI adoption for social media publishing is a reality that every online user must accept—it’s already there. However, it’s not as scary as it sounds. We promise. 

Have you noticed there’s more content on your feed that you’re more likely to engage with? That’s AI. Have you seen some ads for products you would buy and might have been searching for? AI again. Need customer service from a business on social media outside of working hours? Yep, that’s AI helping you out. 

In this article, we will cover some of the reasons for the popularity of AI adoption in social media publishing. Plus, we’ll go over current and future AI applications publishers should watch for to enhance their social media strategy.

So, social media and AI have joined at the hip, probably indefinitely. But you are asking why? How do they work together, and what makes them such a great pair? Let’s take a look. 

  • Widely available: AI has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue as of late because it’s finally more widely available. Like most new technology, AI didn’t start off as an affordable, mainstream tool. Big hitters like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and Meta have been utilizing AI algorithms for a while now. But it wasn’t until other apps and programs started to hit the mainstream that this technology became affordable for businesses of all sizes and free for consumers on some apps. 
  • Compatible with mobile devices: AI programs are easy to use with mobile devices. Since this is also where most people check their social media, AI adoption of social media publishing can increase almost seamlessly across all platforms. 
  • Measuring customer preference: Social media has become one of the primary sources businesses use to determine customer preference. It’s where users go to explore EVERYTHING they are interested in. By harnessing this data with AI, it’s much easier to develop strategies that target desired audiences rather than just throwing it out there to be found. 

Current AI applications in social media

Trends involving AI in social media all have one thing in common: They aim to make social media more engaging and enjoyable. 

Social platforms are and will forever be a place for networking, socializing, engaging, and exchanging ideas. It’s the reason why publishers are so drawn to the idea of sharing news on social media to begin with. Let’s dive into some of the AI-adopted features on social media that we think publishers enjoy most.  

Customer service 

Chatbots were one of the first generative AI applications to hit the market in a way that changed the landscape of online customer service. These bots can answer basic questions to guide customers through a problem or concern or lead them to a desired call to action of a brand’s online strategy. The results are instant and 24/7, precisely the pace most social media users are looking for. 

Tailored content 

Social media users engage more with content that feels personal to them. With the help of AI,  brands of all sizes are adopting technologies to spark these authentic connections. Part of this strategy relies on collecting data from large datasets to predict who would benefit most from seeing your content. Then, AI starts collecting the data from your accounts to suggest ways for improvement and narrowing in on your audience. 

Personalized Ads

No, you’re not going crazy. The ads on social media are getting more tailored to the products, services, and experiences users are interested in. That’s AI for you. Using the same process for creating tailored content, businesses can then create more personalized ads. It helps ensure your marketing efforts are worth it and promotes a positive social media ROI

Predictions and forecasting

We love this feature! Social media can sometimes feel like a hurricane of change. AI-generation predictions and forecasting help businesses stay afloat in the volatile world of social media. Real-time analytics and machine learning technology allow AI social media tools to help publishers stay on track. You won’t lose your progress, and you’ll stay in the know about what other leaders in the industry are doing.  

The future of AI in social media 

AI and social media are already so integrated together that there’s no chance that one or the other will go anywhere soon. If anything, both are going to get more advanced with time. Here are a few AI in social media predictions and trends we can see taking off. 

  • Even more personalization: The tailored, personalized content trend that we are seeing on social media has really helped businesses target their audience. We can see feeds getting even more personalized to user needs and interests.
  • Advanced content creation: Generative AI can already help publishers create content for their accounts, but it’s far from perfect. However, these algorithms are predicted to become more sophisticated, which will lead to more unique and creative content for social media publishing without the human touch. 
  • Social media moderation: Security on social media, with the increase in bots and trolls, has become important for publishers to monitor. While AI tools can already help manage negative comments and narratives, these technologies have the capability of becoming even more advanced, giving human managers a break from constantly monitoring the comment sections. 
  • More sophisticated advertising: Forecasts AI in the social media market show that it’s expected to grow from $1.64 billion in 2023 to at least $5.66 billion in 2028.  AI has given businesses the competitive edge that print, radio, TV, or in-person marketing never could, and with the pandemic, more people have started to shop exclusively online. We can expect to see some more sophisticated ad options coming down the line to meet the need.

True Anthem’s AI adoption for social media publishing 

Sure, we may be a little biased regarding AI adoption for social media publishing because we’ve seen firsthand how beneficial it can be. The online space has gotten complicated and crowded. There are millions and billions of users across multiple platforms, and so many steps you have to take just to get your content in front of the right ones. 

True Athem’s automated social media management tool removes a lot of the day-to-day pressure of how to get in front of your audience and puts the fun back into being present on social media. We can help you schedule, track your progress, highlight popular posts, develop strong strategies, and measure your success on social media for increased growth. Then, your team gets to spend more time doing what they love, including connecting with their audience. 

Reach out to chat about your AI possibilities or request a demo to give our tool a try.

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