Social Media ROI: How True Anthem’s AI-driven Approach Translates to Business Success

Measuring Social Media ROI

We talk a lot about the value of social media for publishers. It’s an excellent tool for your business to build trust and engagement with your audience, increase traffic to your website, and develop more revenue streams—all great things. But in the end, time is money. So, how do you know if your social media return on investment (ROI) is just as positive? In other words, how do you know if you’re wasting your time? 

Measuring social media ROI is crucial for publishers due to the evolving trends of readers. More readers than ever are consuming their news through social platforms. This trend has turned social media into a primary marketing tool for many businesses, often requiring special teams to manage it. Creating, publishing, scheduling, and analyzing this content can take a team a lot of time when done manually. However, reducing your efforts while increasing your social media ROI is possible by implementing AI strategies.

True Anthem’s AI-driven approach to social media ROI helps publishers achieve a higher revenue-to-effort ratio by automating the day-to-day workflow. In this article, we’ll talk a little more about the formula for calculating social media ROI. Plus, we’ll review which processes True Anthem can automate to help publishers increase their revenue from social media while decreasing their efforts.

Measuring social media ROI

The goal of measuring social media ROI is to find out if your marketing efforts are worth the cost it takes to implement them. These costs could include advertising, programs to create content, payroll for your social media team, etc. Your marketing strategies should reap positive outcomes for your goals and financial investment. 

Calculating social media ROI looks something like this: (Earnings-Costs) x 100/ Costs 

Your earnings include any revenue you earn from social media, while your costs are the money you put into keeping it going. Experts suggest shooting for at least a 3:1 return on investment. For every $1 you spend on social, you want at least $3 back in revenue. 

Great, so how do you make this happen? That’s where True Anthem comes in. 

True Anthem’s AI-driven approach 

Until AI came along, publishers spent a lot of their revenue trying to stay competitive in social media marketing. Now, while social media is necessary for most businesses, spending all of your time managing it is not. The less time you spend on social, the more revenue you can dedicate to other purposes

True Anthem is dedicated to making publishers’ lives online less time-consuming and more profitable. Our automated tool increases your team’s productivity by automating steps like content creation, multi-platform analytics, scheduling, and flagging high-performing posts. You can create a bulk of consistent content for all your accounts in one place while quickly measuring each platform’s performance.

Not only can True Anthem reduce your time spent on social, but we optimize the time you spend. Leveraging real-time data, we highlight what your audience wants and how to tailor content to catch their attention. This frees up more time for your team to be creative and to procure content rather than manage it.

Let’s dive a little deeper to see more ways True Anthem’s AI approach can translate into business success. 

Increased traffic and engagement 

Optimizing content with True Anthem helps publishers drive more social media traffic to your website, where most revenue is made. A successful social media ROI will show a high conversion rate of social media users to daily readers or subscribers. Optimization efforts are the steps to ensure your content hits the right audience to make this happen. 

Not all traffic is good traffic when it comes to your website. In addition to high traffic rates, your social media ROI depends on engagement. You can have a ton of people visit your website every day but still have a low ROI if few engage or subscribe. Boosting audience engagement includes crafting compelling content, exploring creative distribution channels, and leveraging different social platforms in addition to optimizing for your audience. This is where AI-powered digital strategies can help. 

Utilizing data-driven analytics, True Anthem can help publishers optimize their posts for increased traffic and engagement. Our algorithm identifies which content resonates best with your audience to produce a consistent flow of similar content. 

Improved efficiency and cost savings 

Social media management is time-consuming when done correctly. Creating content takes time; publishing takes time; analyzing analytics takes time, and all this time equals money. One of the best parts of an AI-powered social media management tool is the streamlining of a mundane workflow.

To succeed on social media, you must post consistently, plan your content, and generate a vault of additional content to pull from when needed. Manually, these tasks would take forever, but with AI, all of these tasks can be done automatically and scheduled in advance. With a more efficient workflow, publishers can allocate resources more effectively and free up social media teams to think more strategically.

Enhanced brand awareness and reputation 

The need for platform diversification is crucial when marketing on social media. You will never find all of your audience on one platform. 

We get it, though; managing multiple social platforms is rough. Different demographics rule each space, and every platform has its posting requirements, making it impossible to use identical content for each. That’s why True Anthem’s tool helps publishers craft content for each platform to save your team the headache. Platform-appropriate content is key to snagging your desired audience in each social space based on their preferences. 

AI tools allow publishers to maintain a consistent brand voice across all their social accounts while presenting similar content specific to the user experience on each platform. It’s all in one place, with one login, making it simple for your team to access everything they need. We have more tips for mastering multi-platform social media management with True Anthem here. 

Measuring success with True Anthem’s analytics 

So, we’ve defined social media ROI and talked about ways to increase this metric. But how do you go about measuring the results? 

True Anthem measures social media ROI through key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are quantifiable metrics used to gauge the success of specific objectives in your social media strategy. Engagement, reach, and click-through rates are the most popular social media metrics. By interpreting and acting on these metrics, publishers can see which ones have kicked back a higher ROI than others. Then, publishers can use this information to strengthen their strategy and hone in on where they are most successful online.

It sounds like a lot of work, but True Anthem makes it simple. We gather data from each platform and organize it in one place to see your results. Publishers can keep track of their goals and adjust strategies quickly. There’s no more digging around for data or guessing—everything you need to know is generated in one place.

Trust AI with your social media ROI

Measuring your social media ROI is essential to maintaining a successful marketing strategy. You want to ensure you’re getting more back than you’re putting in, which can be hard to do manually when social platforms require so much. Embracing AI is key to staying competitive and increasing your social media ROI ratio for the better. 

Spending less time on generating more revenue sounds like a no-brainer to us. Request a demo to see first-hand why you can trust True Anthem to spearhead your business’s success on social media.

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