The role of AI in enhancing social media strategies for publishers

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The world moves faster than it used to. Modern audiences demand instant and constant information in digital forms. They want their content to hit all the marks: well-researched, high quality, unique, and trending. For publishers, this means putting more effort into strategizing on social media, mainly since over 50% of Americans utilize these platforms for daily news. Enter: AI social media tool for publishers

Standing out on social media in 2023 takes a genuine effort. The most authentic and compelling content is tailored directly to your audience, posted when users are most active, and includes a mix of media to keep it fresh. If it sounds like a lot of work–it is. But only if you’re doing things the old-school way. 

AI tools can make social media management for publishers easier. The faster the world moves, the more publishers need to focus on procuring the news rather than distributing it. This article will discuss how AI enhances your social media strategy by simplifying the process. 

How is AI used in publishing?

Reducing day-to-day tasks

Many mundane tasks go along with social media management—deciding on a topic, creating images, editing videos, writing captions, adding hashtags, and following trends. It’s a never-ending list that can take a lot of effort. Sadly, most of these tasks are not at all entertaining. 

It’s easy for your team to get tied down in the mechanics of publishing content, especially when debating routine decisions such as posting times, cadence, and recirculation. AI social media management tools allow you to cover more territory in your day-to-day by using algorithms to take the guesswork out of what to post and when. Knowing these factors beforehand enables your team to schedule content across multiple platforms in one place. There’s no need to visit each platform individually or spend hours scrolling to see what’s working. 

Providing a depth of understanding

Bridging the gap between social media and reader experience starts with understanding your audience inside and out. Each platform has analytics features that can help, and it would take human hours to comb through every detail and even more time to interpret findings. 

AI provides publishers with a comprehensive look at their social analytics without putting in the work to locate it. With the ability to look at large quantities of in-depth data about their current and potential followers, social media teams can spend more time creating a more personalized experience for their readers. Knowing exactly who you’re trying to reach is crucial to helping build trust and engagement with your audience, significantly benefiting publishers.  

Additionally, if platforms or audiences shift in the future, AI helps publishers to pivot quickly. If you think it won’t happen to you, it will. True Anthem’s tool has a feature that allows publishers to make changes on the fly and stay relevant when the social landscape evolves. 

Recirculating content with ease

Your best content is not always the video that gets the most views or the story with the most likes. Defining your best-performing content requires a comprehensive approach similar to defining your audience. Publishers must consider several popular social media metrics to determine the highest-performing posts. AI can make this much more straightforward. 

For instance, True Anthem’s tool uses real-time data to identify content across your website and social media platforms to optimize the redistribution of well-performing posts. This makes the entire process of deciding what and how to recirculate content pretty straightforward. Plus, you build a well of evergreen content to drive more organic traffic and get the most out of your existing catalog. 

Prioritizing creativity

Part of standing out on social media stems from creating unique content that people gravitate towards. The average person spends an estimated 145 minutes on social media daily, mostly broken up in bits and pieces. If you’re going to spend time creating new content to capture an audience’s attention, you want to make it good and worth your time. 

With AI tools automating undesirable tasks on social, your team is now free to spend their time more wisely. Play with trending topics. Create original audio. Do some brand features that may take a little long to put together. AI will continue to run your social smoothly with quality content your audience loves while you pursue other avenues they may love even more. 

Enhancing social media strategies with True Anthem 

Posting on social media can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. True Anthem has created a tool specifically for publishers to stay competitive in the fluid world of digital media. We’ve set a new standard in publishing automation that utilizes the best AI technology, allowing publishers to save time while quickly creating more powerful content. Our tool provides all the benefits of AI social media management for publishers while also helping to grow traffic and brand awareness. 

Spending less time to get better results sounds like a win-win in our book. Let us help get you started.

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