Elevate your content strategy with True Anthem’s new Similar Content Tool

True Anthem’s Reporting Suite

There is a new feature in your True Anthem Dashboard!

It’s called Similar Content, and it’s a powerful tool to find similar content across your website. This is not a simple keyword-based search that only finds things using the same words—this is much more effective than that. Our system will go out and find content across your catalog using NLP—Natural Language Processing. 

Essentially, NLP allows the AI to make connections beyond similar keywords. So, with keywords, if you’re looking at an article about a hamburger, you’ll get other articles about a hamburger. But what about cheeseburgers? Hot dogs? French fries? Fast food? Similar to ChatGPT, our large language model (LLM) uses a deep learning algorithm that captures meaning and context to find relevant content you might be interested in.

In practice, what this means is that you’re going to be able to find similar content quickly and effectively. For example, if a news cycle is focusing on extreme weather, you’ll be able to pull your weather content quickly or find other extreme weather content you’ve published in the past to fill out your schedule. Find the content you need, when you need it. 

How do you use it?

In your True Anthem Dashboard, beneath your content in the Content Discovery window, there is a Similar Content button. 

When you can click on Similar Content it will pull up related content, sorted from most relevant to less relevant.

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