We often talk about how in order to be successful on social media, you must develop a strategy to keep your followers engaged. Since Facebook and Twitter combined account for nearly 20% of referral traffic, the need to develop that strategy is hard to ignore. Being able to deliver the right content at the right time is crucial for success. But is the ROI of human scheduling still worthwhile? 

Artificial intelligence has the ability to be a great collaborator to a publisher or social media team. Given the constant changes, and updates to social media algorithms in this space, it’s no longer worth having a single person responsible for scheduling posts — human gut is just not enough anymore. You need to be able to use smart software to beat smart software. Further, while many publishers have seen a decline in organic traffic coming from social media, that traffic still represents nearly 20% of referrals, which can’t be ignored. Publishers need to be able to deliver content at scale to their social media pages to keep their most loyal audiences engaged.

Publishers have automatically distributed over 4 million posts on Facebook and Twitter since 2016 with True Anthem Organic. his type of scalability is impossible with a human only approach. To top this off, content marketing automation has the ability to monetarily save teams a significant amount of time and resources. Let’s take a look at the math: we’ve found that most companies hire a junior marketing manager at $30k/year to manage social media. With intelligent automation posting 24/7 you can actually reduce these costs to $.86 to $3.47/hour (contingent on social volume). This is budget that you’re now able to allocate towards creating amazing content and engaging with social interactions to build your brand — rather than just scheduling posts.

True Anthem’s artificial intelligence products have the ability to scan large amounts of content and data to determine not only what will be the most engaging content on social media, but also what is the best posting time for the best organic post engagement. Publishers still have full control over cadence, what to suppress, and different types of content filters. This type of automation allows social media teams to shift their focus from just scheduling posts to higher level activities like business strategy.

So it goes without saying, the ROI of human scheduling in social media is no longer there. Intelligent content marketing automation allows publishers to scale operations while also saving their teams budget. Want to know what True Anthem can do for you? Request a demo now.