Popular Pinterest niches of 2024

Pinterest is continuing to grow as a powerhouse marketing platform. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website, and there’s a golden audience for everyone in this space. However, to really leverage Pinterest to its fullest, you have to understand the platform. Diving into Pinterest niches is a great place to start, especially when looking to revamp your 2024 marketing strategy. 

Pinterest niches help brands find the loyal audiences they’re creating content for. In other words, these are literally the topics your audience is here for. Niches span from broad (health, food, music) to super specific (environmental vegan diet, vintage German cuisine, punk 80s rock) and everything in between. Every brand is different and will have a mix of niches that best fit their mission. The point is that they exist, and if you find the right ones, you’re bound to see some positive results. 

In this article, we’ll talk a little more about the importance of utilizing Pinterest niches, how niches work and some of the most popular Pinterest niches for 2024. But before we fully dive in let’s be clear: you don’t have to choose a niche. Choosing a Pinterest niche is simply another way of optimizing your account to reach more diverse audiences. It’s not essential, but it’s definitely a helpful tactic for growing your online presence. Let’s get started! 

Why are Pinterest niches important? 

Being a “jack of all trades” on social media is not a good thing. You want your audience to know who you are, what you offer, and what sets you apart from millions of other brands. That’s where Pinterest niches shine. The primary goal of Pinterest niches is to find your audience. Not just any audience–a loyal audience.  

There are over 400 million users on Pinterest every month, with at least 87% of them looking for purchases and subscriptions. In fact, studies have found that Pinterest users will even pay up 2x the average price for something they find through the platform. This is the type of loyalty every brand dreams of and incorporating a Pinterest niche into your marketing strategy helps ensure that these loyal audiences find you. 

Benefits of choosing a niche

Brands can access the same benefits of choosing smaller niches as they can with the most popular Pinterest niches of the year. Some of the benefits of choosing a Pinterest business niche include: 

  • Minimizing competition. Taking on a Pinterest niche already sets you apart from similar brands in the mass market stream. Posting within a niche will lower the number of accounts you compete with on a user’s feed.  
  • Finding a target audience. You may not know exactly which niche you want to target yet, but the way Pinterest is formatted helps you figure it out. Scrolling through different niches helps you better learn who your audience is and create a visual picture of the type of user your content would fit. 
  • Reduced marketing costs. Nicheing down will allow you to reduce the marketing and advertising costs it takes to directly access your audience in other spaces. Pinterest niches are free. You basically get to tap into a pool of users who will already like your content as long as you stay relevant and interesting. 
  • Better rapport with the audience. You can establish more positive relationships with Pinterest users in a niche than if you were to try and connect with a broad group of people. Take advantage of this to boost engagement!
  • Niche leader. Narrowing your brand down to a business niche allows you to establish your brand as a leader and credible source. This is another way to stand out from the competition and get noticed. 

How do Pinterest niches work

Pinterest niches give brands that leverage them a little competitive edge over other businesses, throwing content into the void. We always talk about creating content that is tailored to fit your audiences, but sometimes, that’s not easy to do. With a niche, brands have already narrowed down who they are talking to, what they like, and what they’re looking for. 

The most loyal Pinterest users are the ones looking for your content. Pinterest niches take out the work of searching for these audiences. If a user is active or engaged in a niche, chances are, they are going to like what you bring to the table. 

Pinterest niches for all accounts

Pinterest niches work for both small and larger accounts. Your follower count on Pinterest has benefits, but it’s not a make-or-break metric of success. Having a lot of followers who only engage occasionally doesn’t hold the same value as having a smaller account with followers who engage often. So, while Pinterest niches are made for accounts of all sizes, small accounts really do benefit from utilizing them. 

Incorporating a Pinterest niche into your 2024 marketing strategy is a great way for small businesses to establish a steady stream of online revenue without constantly worrying about increasing their numbers to compete. It takes patience and consistency. We have some great do’s and don’ts for Pinterest that can also help smaller accounts bulk up their strategies. 

Pinterest niches and trends both help brands reach a desired audience. While they aren’t quite the same, they are not exactly separate and work together to help brands grow. 

A Pinterest niche is the audience you are trying to reach: specific groups, interests, hobbies, etc. These do not have to be popular among the masses, but some are. 

A Pinterest trend includes the top searches, keywords, and keyphrases shown to be popular for the year based on in-depth user analysis. Trends occur within niches and are another super powerful tool to implement into your strategy if they fit. 

It’s important to know that neither of these tools works when you force your brand to fit. You want to choose niches and trends where your content will be appreciated. You wouldn’t try to push a meat special post on a group of vegetarians and vegans. The same goes for trying to fit your content into a niche or trend that doesn’t fit your brand style and mission. 

Some of the popular Pinterest niches for 2024 are the same as Pinterest niches for 2023. Most of them are very visually pleasing, which makes sense given that Pinterest is a visually engaging platform. 

While some niches will be more popular than others, remember, this does not automatically determine your level of success. It’s simply a measure of how many people are searching one niche over another. Don’t limit your content or 

For reference, here are some of the top Pinterest niches for 2024 at the moment: 

  1. Home Decor 
  2. DIY crafts 
  3. Food and Drink 
  4. Women’s Fashion 
  5. Health and Wellness 
  6. Beauty
  7. Travel 
  8. Parenting 
  9. Gardening 
  10. Weddings 

Tips for finding your niche

Once you understand how Pinterest niches work, the next step is finding the best one(s) for your brand. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated, and you’ve probably already done the work if you have an existing marketing strategy. 

First, start broad. What is the main niche you are targeting? Let’s use Home Decor as an example. Now let’s get more specific. What type of home decor do you talk about? Bohemian, rustic, farmhouse? Within this, are you focusing on minimalism, sustainability, and functionality? Do you feature DIY-only antiques, dark colors, and vintage finds? The list goes on. Once you determine exactly what your brand does, there is your niche. 

If you already have a Pinterest account, you can also use your Pinterest Analytics to help you find who is already looking at your content and what niches they are interested in. Pinterest search results are another great tool. If you type in a keyword, the search bar will pull up popular related niches and drop search suggestion bubbles for additional niches you may be interested in. 

Pinterest niches are great tools, but you shouldn’t get too stressed out about them. They are there to help, not hinder, your content creation. See what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your strategy as you go!

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