How to get Pinterest followers—and make them count

how to get Pinterest followers

Pinterest is quite possibly the most powerful social media platform for creators. That may seem like a bold statement, but hear me out: No other platform has the link integration, search features, and content organization abilities that Pinterest does. Pinterest is essentially a search engine, and the people that go there are looking for something. With some good SEO, polished content, and consistent posting, you’ll not only learn how to get Pinterest followers, but you’ll also learn how to maximize your presence there and build meaningful traffic.

If you’re just getting started, here’s some more information on setting up your Pinterest Business account.

How much do followers matter?

It’s silly to say that followers don’t matter at all. In a game of impressions, the number of people in your immediate follower circle does matter. However, there is much more to success on Pinterest than a follower count!

How can a high follower count help you?

It increases the amount of people likely to see your content. People will be shown content from people they are following at a higher rate than suggested content, so more followers can mean more eyes on your content. Additionally, a large follower count can help provide some much-needed credibility in the online space.

But—and this is a big “but”—the follower count is far from the most important part of your Pinterest strategy.

Some basic tips for growing followers

There are some things that can help you build a larger following and wield a bit of credibility. This platform is a bit different than the others, so pay attention.

Engage on the platform

Engaging on Pinterest is not as simple as a like or a comment, but it is still an important part of the equation. Pinterest wants to know that you are physically on the platform and not automating all of your content.

Some ways you can stay active on the platform:

  • Pin manually when you can
  • Repin from the Explore and Trending pages
  • Repin things from people you are following. This is also a great way to fill out your boards with relevant content
  • Follow boards from other people

Follow competitors and other similar accounts

You can start to find your audience by going directly to them. Chances are, if someone is following a bunch of similar publications, you’ll jump onto their radar by connecting to similar users. As an added bonus, you can learn a lot from following accounts in your niche! Pay attention to what’s working for other publishers and learn from them.

Create boards

Boards are an essential part of Pinning! Start with five boards to help you focus on five different topics. For example, if you’re a local news site, you may want to focus on:

  • Local food and drink
  • Photographs from the field,
  • Positive stories from your community that would warrant a broad audience
  • A weather board where you can share photos and videos of local weather events
  • Local culture and history

Choosing some areas of focus can make content creation easier, help your audience understand who you are, and help them find your content easily.

Consistency is key

Posting frequently is an important part of success on Pinterest, maybe more than any other platform. Pinterest is not a chronological timeline, and your audience will likely not be overwhelmed by constant posting. All you’re doing is giving the platform a larger well of content to share!

Additionally, Pins have a lifespan of up to a YEAR! It might sound crazy, but the search-driven nature of the platform allows users to search for relevant content for a long, long time. Your Pins are not going to be wasted!

Building a well-rounded strategy

In order to succeed on Pinterest, you need to start by defining your goals. You can’t reach goals that you haven’t set, right?

It’s important to be aware that the connection between followers and Pinterest success may not be linear. Traffic, clicks, and visibility are dependent on a high follower account. However, growing your follower count, driving traffic, and increasing your visibility on Pinterest can all be achieved by following some basic rules:

  • Set up your profile COMPLETELY. This means that you need to fill everything out, create a high-quality cover image, and make sure that you describe your content well. Keywords are everything, so use them.
  • Start pinning. You have you create boards and start adding content. Repin content from users to start filling up boards.
  • Create consistent content. Consistency is essential on Pinterest. For most, the high volume requirement requires batch creation—creating a lot of content at one time and then scheduling it out for days or weeks at a time.
  • Use keywords well. This is essential. Pinterest is a search-driven platform and requires the use of keywords in the title and description. Spending some time researching Pinterest SEO and make sure you’re covering all of your bases!
  • Schedule out your Pins. True Anthem can help you lighten the scheduling load. We will not only allow you to schedule but also automate your posting by creating high-quality content and queuing it up for your approval.

It’s all worth it!

Pinterest can be an incredible tool. It’s a very different platform, which provides some challenges, but it is also an opportunity! Building your audience can pay off in the long run. If you need help, True Anthem can help. Set up your demo today.

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