Popular Pinterest niches

Most Popular Niches On Pinterest

There are over 400M users browsing Pinterest every month, and most are looking to buy. In fact, 87% of users admit to purchasing a product they found on Pinterest, even if it was at a later date. They are willing to buy more and will pay up to 2x the average price for a product or service they love. But how do you find this golden audience? This is where popular Pinterest niches shine. 

When it comes to Pinterest marketing, choosing the right niche is crucial. Some niches are more popular with viral potential. Others are more specific and powerful but tailored to a smaller group. Determining your niche and the direction of your audience is crucial before creating Pinterest pins if you want to make the most of your platform. Let’s explore a little. 

What is a Pinterest niche? 

A Pinterest niche is simply the audience your business wants to attract. Niches can be broad (food or fitness) or specific (French cuisine or weight lifting). Depending on your brand, you can have multiple niches on one account. 

What do Pinterest niches do?

While you don’t have to choose a niche for your Pinterest page, the benefits for your business can be significant if you find the right one. The most important reason to choose a niche is to grow a loyal audience to engage, purchase, and spread the word. Niches help you consistently direct content right where it needs to go– the Pinterest users searching for it.

Pinterest posts last for a LONG time compared to other platforms. Compared to a tweet (live for 15-20 minutes) or a Facebook post (live for 90 mins), a Pinterest post could circulate for days, months, or even years! 

If you choose the right niche, you’re looking at a long-term marketing plan unmatched by any other social media platform unless you include YouTube. 

Some niches will naturally do better than others on Pinterest based on the number of users already engaging and searching for this content. You can measure the success of a niche by profit margins, popularity, season, and so much more. 

Niche popularity will change here and there, but some of the larger, more broad niches tend to stay towards the top, while the more specific niches rise and fall more drastically. 

Here are the top 10 most popular Pinterest niches at the moment:

  1. Holidays
  2. Animals
  3. Architecture 
  4. Art
  5. Design
  6. DIY and Crafts
  7. Education 
  8. Event Planning 
  9. Financial 
  10. Beauty  

How do you find your niche? 

Finding your niche on Pinterest starts with a simple question: Who is your ideal audience? If you don’t know already, there are a few factors to consider:  

First, let’s start by looking at the leading demographic of Pinterest users: women. Women not only make up about 80% of users on this platform, but they also hold 70%-80% of purchasing power. Keep this in mind when choosing your niche and an aesthetic for your page and content. 

Other tips for determining your niche include: 

  • Start broad and narrow your niche down. If your niche is “food,” what type of food do you make? Dinner, lunch, breakfast? Are they quick meals or gourmet? Are they vegan or gluten-free? Determine the exact person you want to hand your product to– there’s your niche. 
  • Use Pinterest Audience Insights. These features allow you to see who is on the platform and their interests. Categories, topics, and popular niches users engage with can also be found in audience insights.
  • Check current Pinterest search results. These little bubbles are like a road map to see where users go after searching a topic and can help narrow your audience. 

Experiment with content. Create original content and see what hits (and what doesn’t).

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