Instagram best practices: Dos, don’ts, and things you should try

Instagram Best Practices

At this point, Instagram is one of the OG social platforms. Every publisher has likely established a strategy and come up with their own best practices, whether informal or informal. Internal Instagram best practices are something you should be building, and there are many things to consider.

As you dive in, some things are a must-do, some are a good idea, and some may or may not work for you. Hopefully, this will help you develop your own best practices and find a way to maximize Instagram for your content.

The must-dos:

VerificationHere’s the how-to. If you meet the list of requirements (yes, all of them), you should request verification and try to get the blue check.

Proper formattingFormatting is different for every platform. The conventions used on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok should not apply to Instagram. Click through for a complete list.

Create amazing copy. It’s essential to use your caption space well. What does this mean? Here are some ways to figure out how to optimize copy for your audience.

Things you need to consider:

Optimize your posting cadence. In short, how often should you post? The experts all have an answer, but the truth is that it will depend on many factors. Take some time to evaluate your content, audience, and page activity.

Decide what you can cross-post. Does your Instagram look exactly like your Facebook or your TikTok? That’s probably not ideal.

Opportunities you can explore:

Increasing your shares. Figure out what you need to accomplish with your shares and what kind of sharing you want. The growth of Reels has helped with this a lot, so don’t miss out.

Driving traffic with Instagram is possible. No, really. You can do it. Read through and see what you can do to grow your clicks.

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