Best 2024 Pinterest statistics for online success

2024 Pinterest statistics

It may seem that Pinterest lost some popularity when the almighty short-form videos hit the social media landscape, but that was never the case. Pinterest first hit the scene in October 2008, and it’s been climbing the ranks ever since. Gaining a Pinterest following has significant benefits for brands, and we have some 2024 Pinterest statistics to back up the claim. 

This article will delve into the areas of Pinterest where publishers and brands are finding the most success, showcasing how it has evolved into a thriving space for brands to cultivate a loyal audience. Whether you’re in a popular Pinterest niche or not, this platform has a loyal audience just waiting for your content. 

What makes Pinterest different? 

To start, what makes Pinterest so different from other social media platforms? Why should publishers and brands pay attention to it? We talk a lot about the benefits of Pinterest for publishers in detail here, but let’s do a quick recap. 

Search engine capability

Above all, Pinterest is not your average social media platform, as it functions more like a search engine. Sure, the platform wants you to engage with other accounts and make connections, but its ability to search topics of all sorts is its crown jewel. Pinterest has a bit of everything you are looking for, from random niches to annual Pinterest Trends and everything in between. 

Loyal audience

The audience you find on Pinterest wants to be loyal. They are looking for things they love and are committed to brands that provide them. As long as you continue to create consistent, compelling content through Pinterest, your audience is here for the ride. 

Lifelong content 

Longevity is a crucial benefit of Pinterest, far outperforming any other app besides YouTube, which can also be used as a search engine. A Pin can stay relevant for years, with 50% of visits actually occurring after three and a half months. For comparison, the lifeline of a Facebook post is only 90 minutes!

2024 Pinterest statistics to know

Harnessing Pinterest’s power starts with knowing how to leverage its unique features. While there are a few similarities between finding success on Pinterest and other social platforms, overall, you have to approach Pinterest as its own space. 

Below are a few statistics to help publishers see the platform’s potential and some guidance on where to start when creating or updating their 2024 marketing plan. 

Over 90 million monthly users

Yes, that’s right. The United States has approximately 90.1 million active users on the Pinterest platform every single month. That’s a lot of people who could possibly be interested in your content. And not just people–potentially loyal users who want to engage. 

Remember, Pinterest users are different from your average social media scroller. They are looking in-depth and sincerely at your content. They are not just scrolling until they are entertained. If you aren’t already on Pinterest, this statistic alone is enough to get you started. 

If you need help setting up your Pinterest Business Account for success, we have you covered. 

Billions of weekly saves

This is one of the most important 2024 Pinterest statistics, so pay attention. Users on Pinterest potentially save more than any other social media user, up to 1.5 billion Pins per week! When users look for something specific on Pinterest, they save it for later on specified boards. Saves help increase growth and testify to the platform’s search engine capabilities. 

Getting users to save your Pins starts with creating compelling and tailored content for your audience. Pinterest is one of the most personalized platforms out there, with users able to create boards for every interest they have. If you need some help, here are some more tips for engaging audiences on personalized news feeds

New discoveries

At least 96% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. What does this mean? Pinterest users are open-minded and looking for new ideas. This could be a new recipe, a brand they want to explore, a product, DIY instructions, or whatever they come across. 

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for news publishers because users are constantly seeking new things. Optimizing your content to meet this information-hungry audience is a win-win when done correctly. 

Thousands of boards

Pinterest allows users to create up to 2,000 boards on their account and accumulate up to 200,000 pins overall. You can save on public boards or private boards, depending on your preference, but all are counted in your Pin tally. Why does Pinterest allow so much content? The platform thrives on consistency. 

Some marketing strategists suggest sharing 5 to 30 Pins on your Pinterest Business Account per day. While this is a bit excessive, there has to be room for brands to share a consistent stream of content without running out of space. Plus, Pinterest wants users to feel limitless, so the excessive Pin limit gives them a lot of options. 

Consistent Pinterest strategy

Pinterest is a unique and powerful marketing tool for publishers and brands looking for a loyal audience. However, you can’t just post whatever you want whenever you want to reap the benefits.

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