Why publishers must create valuable content their audiences want

create valuable content

The competition in the 2024 digital world is wild. Where publishers used to have a leg up on getting in front of their audience with paid ads, that’s no longer the case. Tailored feeds are taking over every platform, and if you don’t create valuable content that your audience wants, your brand can easily fall off the radar.

In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s essential to focus on your audience to create valuable content and offer tips. 

What’s changed in the social media world?

In short, paid ad space is running out. Retail media has taken over, making finding space more challenging than ever. With an oversaturation of companies pulling to capture your audience, brands can no longer afford to post subpar content or content just to meet a weekly quota.

To succeed online, especially on social media, publishers have to shift their primary focus to creating the most valuable content possible. In addition, leveraging their organic growth efforts to help successfully target audiences in the chaos of social media will save money and extend the reach of their content.

What makes content valuable? 

Valuable content is the reason your audience seeks out your brand and keeps coming back.

Content is valuable when your audience says it is, not when you do. Your content could be the highest-quality, on-trend, most well-researched post your team has ever created. But if your audience is not looking for it, if they do not find it useful or desirable, it simply holds no value. 

Valuable content can be anything from a short-form video to an image, a blog, or any other content your audience wants to consume. It may be entertaining, educational, helpful, or all of the above. Overall, value is subjective–it changes depending on your audience.

Creating valuable content takes time and thought, but it’s not impossible. Understanding the art of creating compelling content for your target demographic is a great place to start.

Types of valuable content 

Your audience will not exactly tell you what they see as valuable and how they want you to present it. Thankfully, users tend to like four types of content: entertaining, educational, convincing, and inspiring.

If you can hit all four types of content in one post, you are a superstar, but don’t go crazy. Remember, your audience chooses!

  • Entertaining: Filling spare time and reading news stories are among the top three reasons people use social media after staying in touch with family and friends. Entertaining content can be funny, interesting, surprising, or shocking. This type of content is valuable because it accomplishes the goal of piquing the interest of your audience, giving them a reason to stay and explore. 
  • Educational: Educational content teaches your audience about topics they are interested in. These may be things they would typically Google or a new topic they were inspired to learn because you presented it so well. Educational content includes how-to posts, infographics, or any content that leaves your audience with a solution to their problem. 
  • Convincing: This type of content answers the question,’ Why should your audience consume your content? ‘ The goal of these posts is generally to establish a sense of leadership in your niche and expertise. Through your content, your audience should be able to tell that you are an authority on the subject and that they can trust your content to lead them in the right direction. 
  • Inspiring: Inspiring content is a mix of educational and entertaining content. You want your audience to walk away with knowledge of a topic or subject that then sparks action. For publishers, this could inspire users to look for more of your content, dive deeper into a story, or visit your website.

How to be valuable to your audience

Unfortunately, there is no cookie-cutter technique to create valuable content that will automatically be deemed valuable by your audience. Your brand has to be valuable. However, there are some best practices that your team can use when planning content that are proven to help.

Know your audience

You can’t be valuable to your audience if you don’t know who you’re talking to. Understanding your target audience is crucial. What do they love/hate? Where do they spend their time online? What type of goals do they have for their online experience?

ou can use platform analytics to learn more about who is currently consuming your content or a multi-platform management tool to comprehensively examine your success across platforms. 

Know your industry 

How well do you know your stuff? If your goal as a publisher is to show your expertise and be a niche leader, you have to see what you’re talking about. This means providing well-researched content and staying on top of all niche trends. If you’re a small account, look at how larger accounts establish themselves and adapt these techniques to your local audience

Keep in mind knowing your industry does not mean you should stock your posts full of industry jargon. Your audience is not limited to people who work in your niche. You want to create content that anyone can understand. 

Personalize your message

Social media algorithms across the board are promoting more tailored approaches to content feeds. The more personalized your approach is to your audience, the more valuable your brand will be to them. Make sure your message is direct, clear, and understandable to your audience with a touch of uniqueness to meet their needs. Create your content as if you are chatting with one person rather than publishing for thousands. 

Stay relevant 

Once know how to create valuable content for your audience, try not to veer off course. Don’t dive too deep into hot-button social topics or social media trends that have nothing to do with your niche. Your audience is showing up for a reason. Keep giving them more content that fits that reason. 


Consistency in content is king because it helps your audience know when and what to expect from you. If you continue to provide entertaining content over and over, week after week, you are more likely to establish a loyal audience. Viral videos are fun, but they often don’t result in the consistent engagement loyal audiences will bring. If you are consistent with your social media strategy, your audience will stay consistent with their appreciation for it. 


Most people do not have endless time to sit and scroll through social media. Make the content you produce easy to consume. 

Short-form videos are among the most popular and easy-to-digest pieces of content on most social media platforms. They are a great way to boost brand awareness, reach new audiences, and spark engagement, and they are often more memorable than images and words alone. 


Entertaining content on TikTok may not be entertaining to your LinkedIn audience. Inspiring content on Instagram could be boring to your Facebook followers. Knowing your audience means knowing them on all platforms and presenting content in ways each reigning demographic will enjoy.

If you need more guidance on pinpointing your valuable content, True Anthem can help. Our real-time analytics dive deep into your content performance and develop a plan for online success. Reach out for more or try our demo.

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