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In the last decade, social media has become a vital and cost-effective avenue for publishers to grow their audience. There’s a platform that fits every brand and caters to any demographic a business would look to reach. But ultimately, what’s best for publishers is to show up on multiple platforms and diversify their content for optimal reach. Easier said than done. 

Posting across multiple social media platforms and keeping them fresh every day means so much content creation. Sounds overwhelming, we know. Thankfully, True Anthem has designed an integrative multi-platform social media management tool that accomplishes the goal of multi-platform growth without stressing out your content team.   

First, let’s look at the benefits of maintaining multiple social media platforms to understand better why True Anthem’s tool is vital in meeting online growth goals.

The need for platform diversification

A publisher’s ultimate goal in the social media space is to attract readers and build a loyal audience. More people than ever are turning from television, radio, and print to get their news from social media. Among the billions of users actively on social media every day, a significant percentage on each platform is primarily consuming news: 31% on Facebook; 20% on YouTube; 14% on Twitter; 13% on Instagram, etc.

While you can make a decent impression on a single social platform, these days, one platform won’t cut it. There are several benefits to making your brand known across multiple platforms that, if paired with effective digital strategies for social media, can elevate your online presence.  

Avoiding over-reliance on a single platform

Social media rules and algorithms change all the time. Twitter was rebranded as X last week, and tweets became x’s. Do you remember MySpace? It used to be the talk of the town until it became utterly irrelevant with the emergence of other platforms. And not long ago, Instagram was virtually video free, famous only for Instagram-worthy photos with perfect aesthetics. 

Aggressive changes like this happen constantly in the social media world and generally come without warning. Even with the best analysis, predicting which platforms will emerge, rise, or tank is impossible. Staying present on multiple platforms helps protect the work you put into your accounts and keeps your audience growing, regardless of what happens with one platform.

Reaching varied audiences

Staying present on multiple platforms allows you to attract different demographics to build a larger, more engaged audience. Not all demographics are as equally represented across platforms. Limiting your online presence to one platform can quickly close you off to the possibility of attracting an audience you didn’t anticipate.

For instance, social media user data shows Facebook, LinkedIn, and X have more male users than females. However, women use social networks more heavily overall. Instagram has close to an even split but will attract more users looking for aesthetically pleasing content. Users between the ages of 19 and 29 are more active on social media than other age groups, but that doesn’t mean they are equal across all platforms.

Staying relevant on multiple platforms ensures that your content is more accessible to all groups and opens the door to readers who consume information in all formats.

Creativity and content strategies

Every social media platform has a unique demographic and a niche that pulls a specific group of users. TikTok and YouTube are for people who only want videos; Facebook is a balance of users who want a bit of variety and old school social feel; Instagram is a mix of video and high-quality posts that are beautiful and eye-catching; LinkedIn draws in more business and professional minds. These details matter when you are creating content for your various accounts.

Using the strengths of different platforms to enhance the content experience is essential to extending your reach and increasing engagement with your audience. Tailoring content doesn’t mean creating entirely new content for every page. It can be as simple as presenting one news story in a few different forms to attract the dominant demographics you seek from each platform. For instance, creating a video, a quote post, and a high-quality image post all related to the same news story to grab the attention of different readers.

For more on content creation, we have some fantastic tips for publishers creating compelling social content

True Anthem’s multi-platform social media management tool

Posting on multiple social platforms is beneficial and essential to your brand’s online growth, but it’s not easy. Every social platform has an algorithm that wants to be pleased with consistent and quality content that meets its guidelines. Posting individually on each platform is one way to grow. But it’s the least efficient for publishers with endless amounts of content.

True Anthem’s multi-platform social media management tool helps content teams save time on posting. Our tool uses AI technology to select your best-performing content from each platform and determines the optimal time to share. It uses proprietary algorithms to help your brand grow and advanced reporting and actionable insights for a holistic approach to measuring your performance across platforms. 

Ready to make a move? 

Not sure if True Anthem’s tool is right for your brand? Request a demo to see why we’re the best social media management platform!

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