This week in social platform news: It’s all about verification

TikTok's retweet button

It’s already the end of Q1! Here’s what’s new on your favorite social media platforms. Or least favorite platforms. Either way.

LinkedIn group chats, more verification updates from Meta. Twitter Blue is getting a push as Twitter retires Legacy verification. Also of serious interest to publishers is the fight in Canada between Meta and local publishers: The government wants to force Meta to negotiate deals with local media to use content, but Meta just commissioned a study that downplays the value of their content on the platform.

Interesting week all around. Read on.

1. Group forwarding from LinkedIn

Now, when you forward posts in LinkedIn, you can send them to multiple people. This will create a group chat so you can discuss amongst yourselves.

2. Meta Verified is live

The features vary by region apparently, but they’re rolling it out Meta Verification now. They’re ribbing Twitter’s paid checkmark system, which comes with benefits like account support, exclusive features, and yes, the blue check.

From Meta:

Get started with the verification process. Activate your Meta Verified subscription for $14.99 USD/month (iOS/Android) or $11.99 USD/month on the web (Facebook only). It is currently available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand for people 18 years or older and is not yet available in all places or for businesses.

Join the waitlist to get notified when Meta Verified is available in your region.

3. TikTok’s CEO on the stand

TikTok has been a topic of discussion for years. Many governments have banned the app over data and security concerns, and the company is facing bipartisan skepticism.

From Digiday:

On Thursday, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew spent more than four hours answering questions from the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee as members peppered him with questions about the social media app. Some focused on the company’s connections to its China-based parent company ByteDanceand the Chinese government, while others addressed issues of data privacy, advertising, content moderation and mental health.

4. Meta says it doesn’t need news content

Meta commissioned a study on the value of news content of social media. The report is likely a response to Canada’s current push for social media apps to negotiate usage deals with local news publishers.

From the Meta-commissioned report:

“News content from traditional publishers is of low value to Meta and declining, while publishers benefit from traffic from social media apps.”

Should be an interesting battle.

5. Twitter’s Legacy blue checkmarks will start disappearing

The transition to paid Twitter Blue verification from legacy verification is happening. It’s been talked about since the Musk acquisition, and everyone has opinions. But as of this week, the legacy checks will start disappearing.

The transition should be interesting, and Twitter will likely lose a lot of business verifications, which start at $1,000/month.

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