Instagram Key Focuses in 2023

Instagram Key Focuses in 2023

Last year was a strange year for Instagram. While the platform reached a record of 2 billion monthly active users, it essentially lost its uniqueness. 

Instagram reels closely resemble TikTok in more ways than one and has continued to change to compete with TikTok for dominance of the short video scene. Other newer features in videos and stories are similar to Snapchat. But the most surprising are the commonalities that borderline mimic Facebook, considering the platform has been dedicated to attracting a younger and more tech-savvy crowd. 

The aesthetically pleasing photos of Instagram that so many users knew and loved are a thing of the past. However, the numbers show there is still a very committed audience on the app that is going to be around for a while. 

So if you’re publishing on Instagram, what content and features should you focus on this year? Here’s what the experts are suggesting are the Instagram key focuses in 2023 that you should keep in mind to stay on trend. 

Key Areas of Focus for Instagram 2023

Content that inspires

Instagram is still heavily committed to inspiring users to be creative. Inspiring creativity was Instagram’s first claim to fame, providing different filters and photo editing techniques to make your images unique and eye-catching. 

This year, Instagram users can look for more ways to customize their content and in-app editing tools to help their posts stand out. Tools to look for include 3D objects, AR creation, and additional ways to integrate personal experiences into posts. 

Sharing/inspiring passion 

Avid Instragmmers are nothing if not passionate. If you’re not on the platform looking for something you love, you’re promoting and creating content to help others discover what they’re passionate about. 

In 2023, Instagram will push more accounts that help people find things they love, changing their typical pattern of showing you the most recent posts from people you already follow. Instead, the app will focus more on delivering users the content they think you will like from people/pages you don’t follow rather than content you’ve already indicated you do, similar to a TikTok-style flow. While this approach fell slightly flat with new Instagram feed tests in 2022, the platform aims to continue in this direction in 2023. 

Fostering more connections

This year, Instagram will focus on creating new ways for users to connect, especially in more private settings. Studies have shown more users in 2023 are censoring their content and opting for more engagement in DM’s and Stories.

One of the newest additions, Instagram Notes, enables users to share conversations instantly in a little bubble above your direct inbox, similar to stories. The concept behind this feature was to trigger new conversations and allow users to feel safe engaging without the risk of judgment by large groups. 

Where Publishers Should Focus First 

If you choose to focus on anything this year on Instagram, pay attention to the newest innovative features. The app will certainly be pushing more content that uses these eye-catching techniques than content that resembles trends from the past. 

However, don’t sacrifice new features for the desires of your current audience. Be creative in using trends to reach your existing audience; you may just find a flood of new users heading your way. 

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