Social media posting in a COVID world

Social Media Posting During Covid

It came out of nowhere, and we’re all still picking up the pieces.

Unfortunately, there is no blueprint for running a company during a pandemic. You’ve probably made mistakes. Everybody has made some. The truth is that this is not forever, and social media in particular has some unique challenges in this weird season.

  • What kind of content is appropriate during a pandemic?
  • How can I operate on a skeleton crew?
  • Can I even consider hiring right now?
  • How can I make the most out of what I already have?

Content and audience dynamics have changed, and social media is the front line. If you’re like most companies, you’ve already had to make some hard decisions. But how do you keep the trains running on time when you can barely stay on the track?

I’ve been doing this for a decade or so, and I’ve never seen things shift as fast as they have in the past few months. Innovation happens out of necessity, and we’re on the precipice of some major changes in the digital world. This is a time to pivot, learn, and apply new optimizations. You may feel like you’re chasing your tail.

If you’re looking for a way out of survival mode while allowing your staff to focus on higher value work, here are some effective ways to move forward.

1. Automate the easy stuff

There is no reason to keep your staff bogged down with posting to Facebook. At a time when innovation is necessary for survival, it’s important to free up your social media team to explore new content, new platforms, and more complex ideas.

Unsure what to look at? Here are some great places to start.

Facebook and Twitter can be easily automated with True Anthem’s AI system, leaving your team with more flexibility and more time to focus on other tasks.

2. Don’t sleep on evergreen recirculation

Evergreen recirculation is an easy way to maximize what you’re getting out of what you’ve already created. Creating content that has a long shelf life can help you keep up numbers and build SEO with long-lasting traffic-drivers.

Here are some tips:

  • Find ways to create resource content for your audience. Are their pain points you can address? Brainstorm searchable topics, questions you answer over and over again, and topics you think will add recurring value over months or years.
  • Rework old content. Look at your high performing content and decide how it can work now. This will not hold for timely/newsy content, but many pieces can hold their value for a long period of time. If something is mostly evergreen but has a few time-sensitive references, feel free to rework it to make it work again and again.
  • Automate the recirculation: TrueAnthem can make this as simple as adding a tag to existing content. Evergreen content is consistently at the top across Facebook in terms of traffic. Add a tag to evergreen content in your CMS and TA’s AI can identify add it to your Queue in the TA Dashboard for approval. You don’t have to lift a finger, and you’ll see fast returns.

3. Go 24/7 – nights and weekends matter

How do you keep things rolling 24/7 without a 24/7 social team? Sometimes simply scheduling out content for off-hours is not enough – that in and of itself is a huge task.

This is where AI posting comes in. You can set your schedule, your publishing rules and let us do the rest. It’s entirely customizable and tailored to your needs. Is somebody going on vacation for a week? Furloughed due to Covid? AI posting can fill the gaps.

All you need to do it get your metadata sorted, set up your posting slots, and let True Anthem do the rest. It really is that easy. We can help you create custom fields for social copy in your CMS and tie into your analytics to effectively build and execute a distribution strategy. Content gets posted to social and your staff isn’t working 24 hours a day – win/win!

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