The Importance of social media for journalists

social media for journalists

Social media has revolutionized the way people share and consume news. It has become the fastest and easiest way to access current topics worldwide. Social media for journalists goes beyond news consumption to news production. It is a critical part of the journalism process to reach a large audience, gather insight, interact with their viewers, and share breaking news faster than ever. 

News travels farther and faster

When breaking news hits, journalists have to cover a story instantly. No, this is not a new concept, and it’s no small feat. However, broadcasting a story in real-time is more accessible than ever. The days of submitting a report published in a newspaper or television are long gone. Social media for journalists means sharing breaking news instantly across multiple social platforms and then building on the story as it unfolds… again, instantly. 

With live-streamed videos now gaining the most attention across all social platforms, there’s no question how fast a story will reach the maximum number of viewers. The question is how many viewers it will reach. The answer is a staggering amount, with billions of people across the planet accessing news from their smart devices while you’re on to covering the next story. The productivity this allows helps you focus on what you do best while never missing a beat. 

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Creates a loyal following

Since you can see all the statistics and interests of any demographic using content marketing to engage consumers, it’s never been easier to publish content to cater to your audience. 

A conversation that was once a one-way street is now a two-way street, which provides even more insight into knowing what your audience wants. You now have insight into what time of day to post, how to captivate your intended audience and get instant feedback to keep you consistently on the right track as their personable, reliable source. 

Eyewitness accounts are also now just a click away. Not only can you get stories out to the public faster, but you gain insight just as instantly as well. Think of it as a window to the world without having to leave your current location.  

Social media for journalists has streamlined how journalists operate.

Archives stories automatically

The phenomenon of this digital world is limitless, but knowing that your stories are automatically archived and ready to use and share again with a simple keyword search makes life so much easier. It keeps your best and most viewed stories recirculating. This keeps the engagement among viewers up and keeps traffic coming to your page. One less headache, knowing that another thing to look after is off your shoulders. 

Please take a look at Social Media for News Publishers to see how True Anthem makes it easy for you to focus on what you do best as a journalist without having to manage all the ins and outs of making social media work for you. If you’re curious, set up a demo today and see what we can do for you.

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