TikTok adds PiP viewing for Lives, new YouTube features, and more

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The focus is on Lives. Across platforms, Live video has come a long way, and today we’re going to give you some updates from YouTube and TikTok in this area. Also, we have some some minor Reels changes and updates to the in-app edit tools.

1. YouTube is launching new Live features

Yes, this includes going live with a guest. The functionality looks similar to other platforms. From YouTube:

“The host creator will be able to create a live stream, invite and screen their guests before going live to their viewers. Note that the guest channel and user information will remain hidden during the live stream.”

Some other updates are coming as well. Watch the video for more information.

2. Facebook is testing Reels reactions

Seems like this should be a thing already, but it’s not. It’s being tested, though, and will likely be live soon.

It looks like, well, Facebook reactions on a Reel. Here is a screenshot from Alessandro Paluzzi.

New Facebook Reels reactions

3. TikTok enabled Picture-in-Picture for TikTok Lives

You now have the option to turn on PiP viewing of TikTok Lives, allowing them to run in the background while scrolling.

On Android:

Press Share. This will allow you to select Background Player.

On iOS:

Go to a Live, click settings, and enable Picture-in-Picture. Like this.

New Live Features on YouTube

4. Instagram Messaging updates

From Instagram:

  • Reply while you browse: Receive a new message while you’re browsing your feed? You can now reply without going to your inbox and losing your place.
  • Quickly send to friends: By tapping and holding the share button, you can effortlessly reshare posts to your closest friends.
  • See who’s online: At the top of your inbox, you can see who’s free to chat at that moment, helping you find serendipitous opportunities to connect with friends.

5. YouTube is moving into podcasting

This is a leaked deck, so keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed by YouTube. However, the move makes a lot of sense.

From podnews:

YouTube is looking at ingesting podcast RSS feeds directly, the slides suggest, with a new podcasts homepage to be at youtube.com/podcasts (a URL that doesn’t work, yet). Podcasts appear to be promoted with familiar, square, artwork thumbnails.

Could be huge!

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