Maintain productivity with lower staff

Holidays. Sickness. Layoffs. Whatever the reason is, many businesses have been struggling with bare-bones staffing and difficult working from home environments. It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks when you’re focused on keeping the wheels turning. How do you maintain productivity with lower staffing?

There are a few ways to approach this. Let’s start simple

How do you maintain productivity with lower staffing?

Set realistic expectations

Start by calculating a real production number. You may have to scale that part back a bit – don’t worry. It doesn’t mean to have to sacrifice traffic or social posts – we’ll get to that in a minute.

Look at the staff you have, what you need to accomplish, and prioritize accordingly. Once you know what you have to get done and what resources you have, it should be easier to understand what you can accomplish.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize

Figure out what needs to get done. Prioritizing seems simple, but when was the last time you took inventory of your content and performance? Focus on elements that work and add the most value to your brand. Focusing could mean that you stop producing infographics or videos heavier lift content for a while. Maybe you focus on quick-hit news or things that are highly interesting for your DMA and pause evergreen for the holiday week.

Whatever this looks like, make sure you’re using your workforce on the highest value content possible.

Offload everything that you can

As we hinted above, producing less content for a short period does not have to mean sacrificing traffic or your social presence. If you have enough time to prepare well, you can schedule everything manually. Scheduling can be done on the social platform or with any social posting tool.  It can also be time-consuming and requires front-loaded content. Preparing in this manner may be a good idea if you have a small operation and everybody will be out for one day or so at a time.

However, there’s an even easier way. AI posting has come a long way, and True Anthem can categorize your content, prioritize breaking and new content, resurface and recirculate successful evergreen content, and more. All without your help.

Yes. That means we can pull things that worked over the holiday season last year or recent posts that have more life in them and make them work for you while your staff focuses on the pressing stuff. We have a proven ROI and effectively increase traffic across the board.

So, you can essentially keep traffic coming in and keep your social channels active while you focus on the MUST dos – like creating content. Or you are keeping your staff from burning out entirely.

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